Following decades of success in the live analog sound industry, Ashly was quick to recognize that the impending digital revolution was much more than standardized coding and fancy filtering algorithms. Ashly focused on the concept of Networking and Control of audio systems.

Ashly Engineers went to work to design Network-Enabled Amplifiers and Signal Processors that interconnect with the rest of the digital world—seamlessly integrating into a facility’s framework without losing the natural or “musical” quality of the audio. That’s what sets us apart.

In the age of plug-and-play connectivity, every component must work together and be instantly accessible from either local or global command locations. At the center of command is Ashly’s proprietary Protea™ Software Suite and control interface—it’s simple, intuitive, and any audio professional can easily navigate the system set-up and client control. Ashly’s commitment to developing Net*Work*Able audio systems lowers the client’s long-term ownership costs of their pro audio system. A Systems Integrator can diagnose a problem or make changes to the sound system from a laptop, avoiding costly service calls.

Whether you’re in a restaurant, university, studio or place of worship—arena, auditorium or classroom—Ashly provides a selection of pro audio products with customizable features to meet very specific audio needs without loosing sound quality.