Schools and Universities

Ashly in Schools and Universities

The audio environment in a school or university has changed considerably in the past few years as technology has evolved to match the way that students learn and absorb information. The traditional lecture style of teaching has changed to an A/V focused presentation.

Our line of NX Amplifiers with Selectable Outputs feature lightweight, energy-efficient Class-D switching amplifier technology combined with a switch-mode power supply. Available in three product families (nX, nXe, nXp) these amps are designed to power the most demanding sound systems in sports stadiums, performance venues and lecture halls. Add notable features like Ashly EMS™ (Energy Management System), and Network Connectivity with Dante™ or Cobranet™ you have a system powerhouse!

Ashly is a well-known provider of power amplifiers and Protea™ Digital Processors for use in auditoriums, performing arts centers, basketball gyms and football stadiums.

Pema™ (Protea-Equipped Media Amplifier) is a single-box network audio solution for cafetoriums, gymnasiums and commons spaces.

Our Network-Enabled Multi-Channel Amplifiers (ne) allow remote monitoring, control and adjustment of the sound system from any Ethernet connection, thus reducing the long-term ownership costs of the pro audio system. These amps are a great choice for building or campus-wide distributed audio systems.

For a small, desktop solution for audio support, check out the TM Series Compact Mixer/Amplifiers are designed for use in individual K-12 classroom systems and lecture halls.