Sports Venues

Ashly in Sports Venues

The roar of the crowd when the home team scores the winning touchdown, the last second basket, the penalty kick goes through the net-modern indoor and outdoor sports facilities present unique challenges for sound reinforcement.

The modern sports facility environment requires high output music playback with a requirement for intelligible speech reproduction. Ashly’s power amplifiers paired with Protea™ System Processors are popular choices in stadium sound systems.

Our products work in sports facilities from school and gymnasiums to major college and professional basketball arenas to large major college and European football stadiums. The Pema is a single-box solution that combines a 4- or 8-channel multi-channel network amplifier with an advanced Protea™ DSP Processor.

The ne Series multi-channel and stereo network power amps can be custom configured to meet the challenging needs of the sports facility. Remote network access and monitoring will lower the long-term ownership costs of the pro audio sound system.

The KLR Series of power amplifiers deliver up to 2,500-watts of output to power line arrays and high output speaker systems with subwoofers.