NE Two-Channel Amplifiers

Our NE Series Amplifiers are designed to meet the specifications of the performance installation and constant voltage markets.

NE Amplifiers are a great value for any install. All NE two-channel models come standard with XLR and Euroblock input connectors and speakON™/Euroblock output connectors and include balanced analog inputs, bridge mono mode, selectable 80Hz 12dB/oct and input sensitivity switch. Add full Ethernet control using Protea™ ne Software, remote standby for power up, and DC remote level control using an Ashly WR-1 or equivalent.

NE two-channel amplifiers are offered with 240V Line Voltage in either Low-Z or 100V constant voltage output models for International customers.

Power Ratings

Continuous Average Power Output: Per Channel, All Channels Driven

2-Ch ModelPanel Views8Ω (br)25V*70V*100V*
ne 800Front  Rear400W225W800W
ne 800.25400W
ne 800.70400W
ne 800.10400W


2-Ch ModelPanel Views8Ω (br)25V*70V*100V*
ne 1600Front  Rear800W450W1600W
ne 1600.70800W
ne 1600.10800W


2-Ch ModelPanel Views8Ω (br)25V*70V*100V*
ne 2400Front  Rear1200W700W2400W1200W
ne 2400.10400W
  • * Must be ordered as separate 25V, 70V, or 100V constant voltage models.
     The ne2400 model also doubles as 70V constant voltage amplifier. 


SeriesDescriptionData SheetManual
NENetwork-Enabled 2-Ch AmplifiersDownloadDownload
  • Factory-Installed Digital Audio Option for NE 2-Ch (choose one only)
  • Dante® Digital Interface (OPDante)
    CobraNet® Digital Interface (CNM-2)
    2-Channel, AES3 Input (OPAES2)