NX Multi-Mode Amplifiers (1U)

Choose the NX that fits your system design.

Low-power NX models are ideal for smaller spaces. Available in 2 or 4 channel models all with common feature sets. Start with a base model and build your way up.

Power Ratings

Model (1U)Ch.4Ω (br)8Ω (br)25V70V100V
nX 1502, 4150W150W150W300W300W150W150W150W
nX 752, 475W75W75W150W150W75W75W75W
  • Max Output Power: Per Channel, Lo-Z Output, All Channels Driven


Series (1U)DescriptionData SheetManualMode Settings
nXMulti-mode AmplifierDownloadDownloadDownload
nXeMulti-mode Amplifier, EthernetDownloadDownloadDownload
nXpMulti-mode Amplifier, Protea™DownloadDownloadDownload
  • Factory-Installed Digital Audio Options (for nXe & nXp models only)
  • CobraNet® Digital Interface (CNM-2)
    Dante™ Digital Interface (OPDante)
    2-Channel, AES3 Input / Pass-thru (OPAES2)
    4-Channel, AES3 Input / Pass-thru (OPAES4)

Panel Views

NX 150 (1U)nX 1502nX 1504nXe 1502nXe 1504nXp 1502nXp 1504
Front PanelFrontFrontFrontFrontFrontFront
Rear PanelRearRearRearRearRearRear


NX 75 (1U)nX 752nX 754nXe 752nXe 754nXp 752nXp 754
Front PanelFrontFrontFrontFrontFrontFront
Rear PanelRearRearRearRearRearRear