NEW! NX Multi-Mode Amplifiers (1U)

Introducing our newest addition to the NX Series of Multi-mode Amplifiers: Now available in 150 & 75 Watts per channel housed in a 1U chassis.

Multi-mode operation is standard on all nX amplifiers. Like it’s 2U models, choose from two or four channel configurations and set individual outputs to drive Low Impedance (2, 4, 8 Ohms), or 25V*, 70V, 100V Constant Voltage systems via rear-panel located DIP-switches. Add Ethernet (nXe) for monitoring and control, or add both Ethernet and Protea™ DSP (nXp). Expand onto a network with Dante™, CobraNet®, or AES3 digital inputs.

Adapt Worldwide with a universal switch-mode power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction). Reduce power consumption using Ashly EMS™ (Energy Management System) by triggering a sleep mode that draws <1W, which meets the most aggressive Energy Star® benchmark. Follow pre-scheduled preset settings including levels and sources using RTC Event Scheduler (Real-Time Clock on nXe & nXp models).

Remote Control ready via the Ashly Remote iPad® app, and/or hardwired Ashly remotes including analog (as well as serial) and Ethernet on nXe and nXp models. Monitor fault conditions and adapt via Ethernet and the onboard Fault Log included in nXe and nXp models.

Power Ratings

Model (1U)Ch.4Ω (br)8Ω (br)25V70V100V
nX 1502, 4150W150W150W300W300W150W150W150W
nX 752, 475W75W75W150W150W75W75W75W
  • Max Output Power: Per Channel, Lo-Z Output, All Channels Driven


Series (1U)DescriptionData SheetManualLine ArtDIP-Switch Settings
nXMulti-mode AmplifierDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
nXeMulti-mode Amplifier, EthernetDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
nXpMulti-mode Amplifier, Protea™DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
  • Factory-Installed Digital Audio Options (for nXe & nXp models only)
  • CobraNet® Digital Interface (CNM-2)
    Dante® Digital Interface (OPDante)
    2-Channel, AES3 Input / Pass-thru (OPAES2)
    4-Channel, AES3 Input / Pass-thru (OPAES4)

Panel Views

NX 150 (1U)nX 1502nX 1504nXe 1502nXe 1504nXp 1502nXp 1504
Front PanelFrontFrontFrontFrontFrontFront
Rear PanelRearRearRearRearRearRear


NX 75 (1U)nX 752nX 754nXe 752nXe 754nXp 752nXp 754
Front PanelFrontFrontFrontFrontFrontFront
Rear PanelRearRearRearRearRearRear


* 25V applies to 150 and 75 Watt 1U models only. 

† <1W sleep mode can be defeated for applications that are subject to third-party performance standards that prohibit a sleep mode, including those used for Mass Notification and Emergency Communications Systems and those subject to ANSI/UL 2572.