Pema, NE Amplifiers Get a Well-deserved Makeover

C7-Pema-NE-Stack2After years of service and hundreds of installs later, Pema™ (Protea-equipped media amplifier) and the NE Series (network-enabled amplifiers) go under the knife!

Both Pema, 2-channel, and multi-channel NE models have had some bodywork done, moving them into a sleeker, more adaptable chassis and front panel. These updated models now feature the same highly conductive Galvalumne® steel construction as Ashly’s popular nX Series amplifiers. This style of construction provides the ultimate in low-noise shielding and RF suppression.

Additional elements related to this chassis upgrade include: 1) Uniform depth with nX Series (depth increases to 16.84″ 428mm), 2) Front fan exhaust inline with nX Series, 3) Approximate 5 lb, 2.27kg, weight increase over older versions.

Currently Ashly is phasing out the old design (“black” version) which will be replaced with the new “silver” version on all Pema and NE amplifier models. As the old design is phased out in our factory, future orders will ship in the new “silver” version. The factory will endeavor to match all units by model within individual orders, i.e. all ne4250s in an order will match, while some ne8250 models in the same order will also match, but may be of the other style. This will continue until all of the older versions have been shipped out. If you have special requirements in this regard please be sure to advise our Order Desk when placing your PO.