Toledo Zoo Roars with NX

Despite the fact that Toledo, Ohio is quite far down on the list of American cities ranked by population size (approximately #65), its world-class zoo consistently makes it into “top ten” lists. The Toledo Zoo reinvests in its infrastructure and makes education a priority – not just for the public, but also for its staff.

To that end, the Toledo Zoo recently completed an education facility for its staff comprised of three adjoining classrooms that can also be combined into one large classroom. Local A/V integration firm Torrence Sound Equipment Company installed an Ashly nX754 four-channel multi-mode amplifier that gives the zoo reliable high-fidelity sound in a compact form factor.

“Critically in the Toledo Zoo’s education facility, we needed something that could deliver four output channels in just a single rack unit because we had very little room to work with under a cabinet. The nX754 was a great choice.”

“JDRM, the engineering firm that designed the system, specified an Ashly nX Series multi-channel amp,” explained Dave Ziemke, engineering tech at Torrence Sound. “We’ve worked with Ashly in the past and have found their products to be good and solid.”

In addition to mic jacks and a dedicated Audio-Technica wireless microphone, the system inputs include the usual assortment of computer inputs and HDMI wall inputs. A processor handles routing logic and modest input conditioning before outputting to the single rack space Ashly nX754 multi-mode 75W per channel power amplifier. Three of its four output channels power six Lowell 8-Ohm ceiling speakers, two per classroom.

Although it’s straightforward, the system exemplifies the kind of robust design and installation that will keep the zoo staff focused on their educational mission for years to come.