NX Powers Up the New Gray Mare in Manhattan

gray_mareThe Gray Mare is a new pub in the trendy East Village neighborhood of Manhattan that caters to the vibe and tastes – both gustatory and spirituous – of that neighborhood’s young clientele.

“It was formerly Demsey’s, a neighborhood tavern that, after 24 years, had run its course,” explained Rich Trombitas, regional sales and product manager with A/V manufacturer’s rep firm Cardone, Solomon & Associates (CS&A). “It’s the same owner, and he did a great job of ripping out the old and building in the new. It’s in a young part of the city, and it now hits all of the high points for that group.” Trombitas drew on his own expertise and CS&A’s representation of Ashly Audio and other manufacturers to assist NYC’s local integration firm, Starview Satellite, with the Gray Mare’s killer sound system.

“A pair of Ashly nX 4004 four-channel amplifiers was a big part of the solution. They run cool and efficiently, and we could pack eight channels of 400W amplification into just four rack spaces” Trombitas said.

“Starview Satellite’s John Paturno and Hector Martinez needed a system that was cost-effective, green (in terms of energy-usage and heat profile), and very conservative of space… this being Manhattan, where every square foot counts. Ashly’s nX Amplifiers can handle different impedance on different channels, which was essential at the Gray Mare, where we have a mix of low-Z subwoofers and 70V loudspeakers.”

The new pub is divided into two zones: the front bar area and the back dining area. In both zones, Innovox Micro-Sub 2×6 low-Z subwoofers provide low-end support in a compact package. The front zone reuses old loudspeakers from Demsey’s to deliver stereo full-range content, and the back zone uses new SoundTube downward-firing 70V ceiling loudspeakers and surface-mount loudspeakers. The bathrooms contain additional SoundTube 70V loudspeakers, and, in all, seven amplifier channels cover the pub. One remains as a spare. A Symetrix Solus NX 8×8 provides front end processing.