NX Multi-Mode Amplifiers

Meet NX―Your New Network Amplifier.


We at Ashly Audio are a dedicated group of designers, builders and sound technicians with decades of experience building power amplifiers and signal processors. We understand the process of achieving great sounding audio―and we’ve proven it again with NX.

Our flagship line of NX amplifiers are trust-worthy, networkable power amplifiers that install and configure into virtually any architecture and sound environment. NX amplifiers integrate seamlessly into sports and performance venues, universities and business centers, as well as restaurants, nightclubs, schools and worship spaces. With NX your clients will enjoy optimum sound clarity and systems that are easy to maintain and manage, while keeping your business profitable.


Multi-Mode Operation Offers Flexibility.

What makes NX a more unique and compelling amplifier line? All NX amplifiers feature Selectable Outputs on each channel output so you can connect to virtually any speaker in an audio system. Drive Low Impedance (2, 4, 8 Ohms), or 25V*, 70V, 100V Constant Voltage systems within a single NX amplifier. Maximize rack density by mixing operation modes to dial into whatever the system requirements demand. Each mode is set via DIP-Switch settings located on the rear panel of the amp.

  • Power Factor Correction and 25V output only available on 1U models.



Class-D Switching Amplifier Technology

Separate switch-mode power supplies auto detect 120VAC or 240VAC operation. This provides increased reliability and performance. For its class NX chassis are lightweight and feature highly-conductive Galvalume® steel construction that provides the ultimate in low-noise shielding and EMI suppression. Stable at 2 Ohms, NX amplifiers run cool. Its airflow design keeps the amp running efficiently. Side vents draws air in, circulates and is exhausted out through the front.


Energy-Efficiency Out of the Box.

We’re doing our part to conserve energy. NX features power-saving Ashly EMS™(Energy Management System) and is offered exclusively across the entire NX line. Ashly EMS is a defeatable <1W sleep-mode that complies with the most aggressive Energy Star® benchmark.


NX are available in 2 or 4-Channel models all with common feature sets.

Choose from 36 model configurations, available from 75 to 3000 Watts per channel. Start with a base model NX Series and build your way up. The nXe Series adds Ethernet control, Event Scheduler, Preset Recall, AUX Outputs and much more. Add factory options like Dante™ or CobraNet™ for network audio integration.

The nXp Series has all the features of nXe, adding Protea™ DSP Signal Processing and Swept Load Impedance Analysis.



Take advantage of our FREE remote control for Apple iPad,® called Ashly Remote.

Design and deploy custom remote control interfaces to control the amplifier over WiFi. Leveraging iPad’s intuitive touch-screen, end-users and industry pros alike love the ease-of-use and familiarity. Add controls specific to your system by designing menu systems, faders, assign text labels, toggles, fixed presets, and much more.

Hardwired Ashly Remotes are available including passive (all models), serial data, and Ethernet remotes. (nXe & nXp models)


We’re Committed to High Standards in Sound Clarity.

Backed by our team of engineers and a 5-year worry-free warranty, our goal is to always give you years of uninterrupted service. We are passionately focused on providing audio clarity for you and your clients. With over 40 years in the audio business, you’ll find our service after the sale is unmatched by any in our industry.