Protēa™ DSP software suite for Windows®

Protea DSP Software is a single PC (Windows) suite for configuration and control of all Ashly DSP products

Protea DSP includes all you need to complete an effective solution for a wide range of hospitality situations. Start with priority Ducking and Paging (good for override of background/Foreground Music), Ambient Noise Compensation adds a valuable tool for retail stores and restaurants that experience varying noise levels and it automatically regulates the sound level to compensate when things get too loud (or even too soft). An integrated RTC and Scheduler allows for timed events and in addition to automating certain system changes, can reduce power utilization by placing units in low-power (standby) mode when not in use. Lastly, the Ashy Remote app provides a convenient custom user interface for everyday operation that’s intuitive and adds mobile flexibility.

One DSP Suite to Rule Them All. Simply launch Protea and all Ashly DSP-equipped amplifiers, as well as stand-alone DSP models are at your finger-tips.

Protea finds all compatible devices on the network and connects automatically. You can either connect directly to an Ashly DSP device or perform a “virtual” setup” even when offline. The Protea suite includes DSP tools like Gain, Parametric EQ, Graphic EQ, HPF, LPF, Compression, Limiting, Leveler, Gate, Delay, Feedback Suppressor, Matrix Mixer, Ambient Noise Compensation, FIR filters, X-Over and more….change the order of DSP functions any way you like. Protea displays a Real-Time Clock with a scheduler for setting timed actions (like power on, preset recall, etc…) for many models and power-amp models even feature speaker load-monitoring. Of course, access may be password secured via comprehensive admin settings. And Protea is as easy-to-use as it is versatile, designed to create just the right solution for virtually any application. Protea puts the power in your hands.

Protea Control Software

Protea Software Suite
OS Compatibility
PneS and PSS* 5.49 Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11 Nov 9, 2018 TXT
PneS and PSS (old version) 5.23 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11 Feb 05, 2015 TXT

*Version 5.24 and newer is required for all 1U nXe and nXp amplifier models.

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For instructions on using standard USB Device Drivers with Protea™ System Processors, click here.