MX/LX rack-mount mixers

There is still place for traditional analog mixers and equalizers. We’ve been making them for over 40 years. We use Class A mic preamps on our mixers, Wein-Bridge filters and wear-resistant faders on our equalizers. Quiet and capable of wide dynamic range without clipping, our analog products remain classic problem solvers for live and fixed installs.

Model Total Inputs Mic Preamps Line Inputs Outputs Other Features
MX-206 7 6 stereo XLR/TRS/RCA(1) headphone out
LX-308B 8 2 8 stereo XLR/TRS/RCA(1)
MX-406 6 6 6(2) XLR/TRS/RCA(1) 3-band EQ, Aux 1 & 2
MX-508 8 8 8(2) TRS 3-band EQ, Aux 1 & 2

1) RCA stereo out;

2) plus RCA stereo input

Tried and true, there’s still a use for any one of these analog MX/LX Mixers for your arsenal.
Ashly’s four-decade history in the pro audio industry began with custom designed and manufactured mixing consoles, which soon evolved into rack-mount signal processing equipment. In a world of throwaway products make an invest in high performance products that will last you for years to come.

Model Inputs Description Data Sheet Manual Line Art
MX-206 6 Stereo Microphone Mixer Download Download Download
MX-406 6 Mic/Line Mixer w/EQ Download Download Download
MX-508 8 Stereo Mixer w/EQ & Sends Download Download Download
LX-308B 8 Stereo Line Mixer Download Download Download
Model Panel Views
MX-206 Front Rear
MX-406 Front Rear
MX-508 Front Rear
LX-308B Front Rear