MX/LX rack-mount mixers

Tried and true, there’s still a use for these analog MX Mixers for your arsenal. Ashly’s four-decade history in the pro audio industry began with custom designed and manufactured mixing consoles, which soon evolved into rack-mount signal processing equipment. In a world of throwaway products make an invest in high performance products that will last you for years to come.

Model Total Inputs Mic Preamps Line Inputs Outputs Other Features
MX-206 7 6 stereo XLR/TRS/RCA(1) headphone out
LX-308B 8 2 8 stereo XLR/TRS/RCA(1)
MX-406 6 6 6(2) XLR/TRS/RCA(1) 3-band EQ, Aux 1 & 2
MX-508 8 8 8(2) TRS 3-band EQ, Aux 1 & 2


1) RCA stereo out;

2) plus RCA stereo input


NX Multi-Mode Amplifiers are designed for your most demanding installations.

NX amplifiers are trust-worthy, power amplifiers that install and configure into virtually any architecture and sound environment.

What is Multi-Mode?

NX Amplifiers feature Selectable Outputs on each channel so you can connect to virtually any speaker. Select Low Impedance (2, 4, and 8 Ohm), or Constant Voltage (70V or 100V).

Choose the model that fits your system design.

Start with a 2 or 4-channel nX Series base model and build your way up. Choose from 36 model configurations, available from 75 to 3000 Watts per channel.
The nXe Series adds Ethernet control, event scheduler, preset recall, AUX outputs and much more. Add factory options like Dante® or CobraNet® for network audio integration.
The nXp Series has all the features of nXe, adding Protea™ DSP and swept load impedance analysis.
Below is an example of a fully-loaded NXP3.04 with Dante® .

■ High-gain mic preamps (60dB)
■ Transformer isolated +24dBm 600 Ohm balanced XLR-mono output
■ Stereo line in/out
■ Pan control on each channel
■ Stereo headphone jack with level control
■ 20dB input pad switch
■ +48V phantom power
■ Universal power supply
■ Safety/Compliance: cTUVus, CE, FCC,RoHS

■ True stereo 8-channel line level mixer, doubles as a 16-channel mono mixer. Use alone or as an expander or sub mixer for larger consoles
■ All balanced inputs
■ Front panel level, pan controls and individual channel muting switches w/LED status indicators
■ Channels 1 and 2 are switchable for either mic or line level input
■ Safety/Compliance: cTUVus, CE, FCC,RoHS

■ High-gain mic preamps (60dB)
■ 2-band EQ on each input
■ 6-channel inserts
■ 20dB input pad switch
■ +48V phantom power
■ Universal power supply
■ AUX send and return
■ Stereo line in/out
■ Input level and pan controls on each input
■ Safety/Compliance: cTUVus, CE, FCC,RoHS

■ 3-band channel EQ with sweepable mid frequency center
■ 2 AUX sends per channel
■ Insert jacks on each channel
■ Independent mono output with level control
■ Transformer isolated +24dBm 600 Ohm balanced XLR-stereo program outputs
■ Safety/Compliance: cTUVus, CE, FCC,RoHS



4Ω (br)

8Ω (br)




nX 3.0 3,000W 2,000W 1,250W 6,000W 4,000W 2,450W 1,250W
nX 1.5 1,500W 1,500W 1,250W 3,000W 3,000W 1,500W 1,250W
nX 800 800W 800W 800W 1,600W 1,600W 800W 800W
nX 400 400W 400W 400W 800W 800W 400W 400W
nX 150 150W 150W 150W 300W 300W 150W 150W 150W
nX 75 75W 75W 75W 150W 150W 75W 75W 75W



Data Sheet


nX 3.0, 1.5, 800, 400 Download Download
nX 150, 75 Download Download
nX(e) 3.0, 1.5, 800, 400 (w/ Ethernet) Download Download
nX(e) 150, 75 (w/ Ethernet) Download Download
nX(p) 3.0, 1.5, 800, 400, (w/ Protea™ DSP) Download Download
nX(p) 150, 75, (w/ Protea™ DSP) Download Download

nX 3.0 (2U)

nX 3.02

nX 3.04

nXe 3.02

nXe 3.04

nXp 3.02

nXp 3.04

Front Panel

Front Front Front Front Front Front
Rear Panel Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear

nX 1.5 (2U)

nX 1.52

nX 1.54

nXe 1.52

nXe 1.54

nXp 1.52

nXp 1.54

Front Panel Front Front Front Front Front Front
Rear Panel Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear

nX 800 (2U)

nX 8002

nX 8004

nXe 8002

nXe 8004

nXp 8002

nXp 8004

Front Panel Front Front Front Front Front Front
Rear Panel Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear


NX Multi-Mode

Pema™ Protea-Equipped Media

NE Multi-Channel

SRA Convection-Cooled

TRA Multi-Mode

KLR High Performance

TM Compact Mixer/Amplifiers