From restaurant/bars to hotels and retail spaces, Ashly amps and DSP are the powerful tools you need to optimize music playback. Priority Ducking lets you operate with multiple music sources, each with an override level (such as a jukebox override of general background music in a specific zone), while the Auto-Leveler assures that one music source is not louder than others. Broadcasting multi-source BGM for multiple zones is gravy with Ashly’s Multi-zone matrix ability, along with our wide selection of multi-channel amps. 

For the smallest Mom & Pop retail stores, Ashly has the cost-effective and very compact TM series for 2-4 ceiling speakers, with one or two music sources and a paging mic and/or telephone. ne and pêma Series provide up to 250W x 8 channels for larger multi-zone, big-box retail stores.  There’s no need to specify multiple amplifiers to accommodate a mix of foreground (low Z) speakers and background (70V) speakers. Ashly’s Multi-mode amp models (nX and TRA) allow individual channel selection from low Z (2/4/ & 8Ohms) to Hi-Z (25/70 & 100V) for distributed audio systems.

If you’re a retail manager, you know that ambient noise can vary throughout the day, often making the music less audible. Having to re-adjust the sound level every time the noise level changes (such as during peak hours at a restaurant or after 5 PM on a weekday in a store) can be a burden on your time. Ashly’s Ambient Noise Control (in Protea-equipped pêma amps and ne processors), can auto-sense changes in environmental noise and make adjustments to the sound level in one or more zones.

For control, Ashly has many options: In-wall or desk-top, hard-wired serial and network remotes, with control of levels, preset change, channel on/off and source-selection. Plus Ashly Remote, a free Apple App Store™ download, for customizable GUIs that give you just the control you want, the way you want, where you want it.

Ashly offers more Dante-equipped amplifiers (41 models) than any other amplifier manufacturer and maximizes rack density by providing more power in less space and multiple 25/70/100V distributed options, with full-compliment of DSP right in the amp.

Retail, Restaurant/Bar, Hotels, Theme parks, Sports Arenas