Noise-Masking (also known as Sound-Masking) is commonly used in corporate spaces to create a better sense of privacy, especially in open cubicle offices, as well as to mask sensitive discussions taking place in meeting rooms. A white noise source is broadcast through ceiling (or often above ceiling speakers) to minimize localization and is adjusted to mask certain sounds without being overtly noticeable. Ashly has the right tools to make this effective. 

Ashly’s Protea-equipped amps and processors have a signal generator in every channel, plus flexible PEQ for proper noise-shaping. There’s also Ambient Noise Control on many models to regulate noise levels based on room background noise. Lastly, Ashly has models with Real Time Clock and Scheduler, so noise characteristics can be modified to reflect predictable environmental changes throughout the day, or to ramp up slowly in the early part of the day so as not be easily noticed by employees.

As with other applications, Ashly’s multi-channel 70V amps can aptly handle the needs of distributed speakers of various types (in-ceiling, on/in-wall, columns, sound bars, etc…). Whatever the configuration, Ashly has an amp to match.

Corporate, School, Hospitals