Protēa™ ne series dsp matrix processors

Standard ne DSP units are analog line input/output format of ne4400 (4×4), ne4800 (4×8), and ne8800 (8×8) with four option bays supporting network audio, AES3, and mic input options. Processing blocks include either a 4×4, 4×8 or 8×8 matrix mixer, a full array of graphic, parametric and all pass equalization, crossover filters including 8th-order Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley and notched Linkwitz-Riley.
No special outboard control units are needed. Connecting and controlling an ne audio processor for networked systems is simplified and call-back free.

Model I/O Description
ne4400 4 x 4 base 4 x 4 Protēa DSP system processor
ne4400m 4 x 4 ne4400+4-ch mic inputs
ne4400ms 4 x 4 ne4400 + 4-ch mic inputs + 4-chan AES3 outputs
ne4400ds 4 x 4 ne4400 + 4-ch AES3 inputs + 4-chan AES3 outputs
ne4400d 4 x 4 ne4400 + 4-ch AES3 inputs
ne4400s 4 x 4 ne4400 + 4-chan AES3 outputs
ne4800 4 x 8 base 4 x 8 Protēa DSP system processor
ne4800m 4 x 8 ne4400+4-ch mic inputs
ne4800ms 4 x 8 ne4800 + 4-ch mic inputs + 8-chan AES3 outputs
ne4800ds 4 x 8 ne4800 + 4-ch AES3 inputs + 8-chan AES3 outputs
ne4800d 4 x 8 ne4800 + 4-ch AES3 inputs
ne4800s 4 x 8 ne4800 + 8-chan AES3 outputs
ne8800 8 x 8 base 8 x 8 Protēa DSP system processor
ne8800m 8 x 8 ne8800+4-ch mic inputs + 4-ch mic input card
ne8800mm 8 x 8 ne8800+4-ch mic inputs + two 4-ch mic input cards
ne8800ms 8 x 8 ne8800 + 4-ch mic inputs + 8-chan AES3 outputs
ne8800ds 8 x 8 ne8800 + 8-ch AES3 inputs + 8-chan AES3 outputs
ne8800d 8 x8 ne8800 + 8-ch AES3 inputs only
ne8800s 8 x 8 ne8800 + 8-ch AES3 Outputs only

Our widely-popular Protea™ ne24.24M Matrix Processor will more than satisfy your requirements for any zoned system.

When your install requires input/output matrixing with signal processing it doesn’t get much easier than programming your channels using Protea™ ne Software on your PC. The ne24.24M uses modular expansion cards to provide up to 24-channels of audio matrixing and processing. The base unit offers a 4-input/4-output configuration. Each input and output expansion card has an individual DSP processor allowing you to expand the total input or output 4 channels of DSP processing at a time. These cards are easily installed in the field without the need to reprogram the device.

Matrixing allows you to route any input to any output and control individual levels once they have been assigned. Fixed path architecture and extensive processing power per channel will reduce the amount of time it takes to set up your system.

An optional GPO Logic Card allows the ne24.24M to trigger projection screens, curtains or lights. The logic card is installed in place of a 4-input or 4-output card and occupies one of the four expansion slots.

■ CobraNet®, Dante® , AES3, Mic Input options
■ 10/100 Ethernet and RS-232 computer interface standard
■ Extensive Protēa DSP available
■ Easy and intuitive user interface
■ 24-Bit A/D–D/A audio resolution, 32-bit SHARC DSPs, sample rates of 48kHz and 96KHz
■ Hot-plug software control
■ iPad control via free Ashly Remote app
■ Automatic DHCP network IP configuration
■ Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley, and Notched-Linkwitz-Riley filters
■ FIR filter capability
■ Advanced automatic feedback suppression Word Clock input and output
■ Euroblock connectors for audio, preset recall, DC remote level control and data in/out
■ Remote controls for level, logic I/O and programmable functions
■ Third-party control friendly, input and output me

Series Data Sheet Manual Line Art
ne Download Download Download
  • Factory-Installed Digital Audio Options for NE DSP Processors
  • CobraNet® Digital Interface (CNM-2)
    Dante® Digital Interface (OPDante)
    4-Channel, AES3 Input / Output
    8-Channel, AES3 Input / Output

Protea Control Software

Protea Software Suite
OS Compatibility
PneS and PSS* 5.49 Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 Nov 9, 2018 ProteaSoftwareSuite_549.exe TXT
PneS and PSS (old version) 5.23 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Feb 05, 2015 ProteaSoftwareSuite_523.exe  TXT

*Version 5.24 and newer is required for all 1U nXe and nXp amplifier models.

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For instructions on using standard USB Device Drivers with Protea™ System Processors, click here.

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