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The AQM1208 represents the next phase in the Ashly AquaControl DSP Lineup. Designed as an advanced, stand-alone zone mixer to be used with external amplification, the AQM1208 offers the power & flexibility needed to handle just about any situation. Based on the AquaControl DSP engine first introduced in the mXa1502, the AQM1208s 12 Input by 8 Output configuration meets the requirements for a host of mic mixing, music distribution and other applications, such as noise masking, and provides all the necessary tools to assure everything sounds great and runs smoothly.

Intuitive AquaControl™ Software

The AQM1208 on Ashly’s next generation AquaControl™ web-server based interface, which means it functions with virtually any networked PC or mobile device, any OS. Nothing to install. Plus, it incorporates most of the familiar features found in our legacy Protea DSP software.

So, you won’t have to relearn another software suite. Even if you’re new to DSP software, we’ve designed the AquaControl UI to navigate like most popular websites, so it will have a familiar look and feel for the first-time user as well. In addition, the AquaControl interface is optimized for touch-panels, so you won’t need to worry about “right-clicking” if not using a Windows device. Every touch control allows full access to functionality. Nothing is hidden or buried deep in menus.

The AQM1208 adds some new features to AquaControl, like a convenient meters page, showing all input, output and mixer meters in one view and global selection/deselection/reset of multiple check-boxes for channel assignment functions, making changes to setups faster and easier, plus new remote pages.

The new AquaControl™ Portal application is a free download which installs on your Windows™ PC for “off-line” access. All the same great features, functionality and easy user experience in a portable version that can work anywhere you are. No DSP device or network needed. The two versions work together to create a seamless workflow between offline and connected environments.

The AQM1208’s AquaControl software contains a library of useful DSP tools to allow customization of your installation. This includes:

  • Gain, Remote Gain & DVCA Gain
  • Dynamics: Compressor, Leveler, Limiter & Gate
  • Multi-priority Ducking Matrix
  • EQ:10-band Parametric, 31-band Graphic, HPF/LPF
  • Universal 2, 3 & 4-way X-Over
  • FIR Filters
  • Delay, Speaker Delay
  • Auto-Mixing
  • Ambient Noise Control
  • Tools: Meter, Signal Generator
  • Comprehensive Event Scheduler

Remote Access Anywhere In The World

The AQM1208s remote web access allows integrators to better perform service when customers experience issues. Logging into the AquaControl environment from their office rather than sending a truck out to the install site is more convenient and cost-effective and less labor-intensive.

Using the Ethernet connection is where things get really amazing. AquaControl provides full remote access to any function via network but can also serve up dedicated remote pages for live mixing or zone control. These can be accessed using any web-enabled device, but the new AquaTouch7 7” touch panel provides a more elegant on-wall solution for users demanding convenient remote access.

The AQM1208s generous compliment of remote options is noteworthy. To start with, it provides 8 programmable GPI triggers and 2 GPOs fi control of functions using standard contact closures. These may be programmed for different functions such as program change, source selection, channel mute, power on/off and more. Next, it provides remote VC ports so basic wall remotes (such as the WR-1 or WR-1.1) may be used to control channel or zone volumes.

WR-1 WR-1.1 WR-1.5 WR2

Mic and Multi-zone Ready

Not your typical zone mixer, the AQM1208 is equipped to handle a range of applications, from background music distribution to paging, noise-masking a mixing. And the AQM1208 doesn’t come up short when it comes to microphone mixing. 12 fully-featured Mic Inputs with Class A preamps & Phantom Power switchable on each channel, plus useful features such as Auto-Mixing and Priority Ducking make it ideally suited for HoW, Theaters, Conferences, Courtrooms and School Auditoriums.

Unlike many processors, the AQM-1208 provides not only all the DSP for input processing, but can accomplish sophisticated matrix-mixing, auto-mixing, priority ducking, while also handling all the speaker management tasks, such as EQ, X-Over, Delay & Limiting. The 8 Matrix Mixers allow creation of 8 independent mixes, each of which can be shared across two or more outputs, allowing for complex routing and zone assignments in applications such as BGM distribution and paging.


Auto-Mixing Ducking


The AQM1208 is designed as an advanced, stand-alone zone mixer to be used with external amplification, offering the power & flexibility needed to handle just about any situation. The AQM1208 connects to any browser-enabled device via LAN and Internet from virtually anywhere in the world, allowing convenient remote access for configuration and troubleshooting.  Based on the AquaControl DSP engine first introduced in the mXa1502, the AQM1208 includes a comprehensive library of DSP functions presented in a versatile, yet intuitive UI that doesn’t require a college level course to learn.  The AQM1208’s 12 Input by 8 Output configuration meets the requirements for a host of mic mixing, music distribution and other applications, such as noise masking, and provides all the necessary tools to assure everything sounds great and runs smoothly

  • New, advanced Ashly AquaControl™ software allows easy and convenient access from many browser-based devices. No app to install!
  • Remote Ethernet Access from anywhere in the world via any browser-enabled device
  • Flexible IO configuration to accommodate a wide range of applications:
    • Comprehensive Mixing via 12-balanced Mic/Line Inputs w/Precision Class A mic preamp design
    • 4 Summed RCA Line Inputs (shared on channels 9-12) for Program/BGM sources.
    • 8 Balanced Line Outputs
  • Generous integration I/O, including: Network, GPI (8) GPO (2), VC (8 works with the WR-1, WR-1.1, WR-1.5, and WR-2 & AquaTouch7 remotes) & Standby.
  • Scheduler and RTC (Real-Time Clock) allow user-defined automatic, timed activation of various operations.
  • Compact 1U design reduces rack space requirements.
  • Comprehensive DSP includes: Include current list


Data Sheet



AQM1208 Download Manual Download


Compatibility: Windows 10

AquaControl™ Portal brings the experience of Ashly AquaControl embedded webserver software to your Windows 10 PC. It’s an easy way to try out AquaControl and preconfigure settings for the Ashly mXa-1502 Mixer Amplifier that can be exported and loaded into real units.
Compatibility: Windows 10
Number of Input Channels 12 (12 Balanced Mic/Line, + 4 Unbalanced Summed RCA Line on 9-12)
Number of Output Channels 8 Balanced Line
Distortion (SMPTE, typical) <0.5%
Distortion (THD-N, typical) <0.5% (8 Ohms, 10dB below rated power, 20Hz–20kHz)
Channel Separation –75dB (dB from full output, 1kHz)
Signal-to-Noise (unweighted) >99dB (20Hz-20kHz, Gain@26dB)
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz, ±0.05dB
Balanced Input Connector Euroblock 3.5mm
Input Impedance 10k Ohms
Maximum Input Level +21dBu
Nominal Voltage Input 100 – 240VAC
Operating Range 70 – 270VAC
AC Mains Line Cord Connector Detachable Nema 5-15 for USA
Control Network RJ-45 connector, 1GB Ethernet
Line Output Connector Balanced Euroblock 3.5mm
Line Output Maximum Level +21dBu
Remote DC Level Control Euroblock 3.5mm – Gnd, CV, V+ per input
Unit Dimensions 19”W x 1.75”H x 14.54”D (483mm x 45mm x 369mm)
Dimensions 25.2”W x 2.5”H x 19.5”D / 641mm x 64mm x 495mm
Weight 8.8lbs (4 kg)

Remote Controllers

AquaTouch 7

The AquaTouch7 Remote is the perfect compliment to AquaControl products. Offering convenient and intuitive touch-control of all remote functions, the AquaTouch7 uses a wired Ethernet connection to its host device, providing reliable and secure access.

The AquaTouch7 is designed to be flush wall-mounted. PoE compatibility makes installation fast and simple.


WR-1 Is a single-gang, wall remote that allows control of volume for any two (2) Input or Output channels on the AQM1208. This is useful for maximizing the number of zones or areas that require control, while keeping hardware and installation cost to a minimum.


WR-1.1 Is a single-gang, wall remote that allows control of volume for any single Input or Output channel on the AQM1208. This is great for when individual volume controls need to be located in each zone. Provides a simple and cost-effective remote option.


WR-1.5: This “combination” remote offers two control knobs in a single-gang, wall format. One knob allows control of volume for any Input or Output channel on the AQM1208 and the other is for selection of exclusive functions such as any four Presets, Sub-presets or Sources. The WR-1.5 offers total zone control in a simple, intuitive form-factor.


For easy preset scene or source selection, the WR-2 remote’s 4 push-buttons allow selection of exclusive functions (Preset, Subpreset, Source Select 1-4) in a single-gang wall-mount format.

Virtual FR Remote Mixer Page

This virtual remote is built right into the AquaControl software, so it comes at no extra cost. It may be accessed from any iOS or Android browser-enabled device (such as a tablet or smartphone) connected to the the AQM1208 using a Wi-Fi router. It allows control of up to 16 Mixer channel levels as well as mutes (using the device’s touchscreen) and also meters per mixer page (1-4) that are set up using the AquaControl Software interface. It’s a convenient and easy-to-use fader interface for when live mix control is needed.

DVCA Remote Page

DVCA Remote Page Another “virtual” controller, the DVCA page is also a remote feature that is incorporated into AquaControl software. The DVCA remote provides touchcontrol of up to four (4) DVCA groups, which work as “Master Faders” for any assigned group of the AQM1208 Input or Output channels. Any wireless iOS or Android device may access the DVCA page for convenient control channel groups or zones.

Virtual WR-5 Remote Page

The Virtual WR-5 remote is designed to duplicate the hardware version wall remote for PnES-enabled models. It provides the same control functions for AquaControl, including 6 buttons, which may be used for Preset, Source Select, Muting and Fader Mode, as well as a programmable Channel fader and “LED” meter. It can be viewed from any browser-enabled smart phone