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Meet the FX Series…

The FX series is a range of multi-purpose installation DSP-equipped amplifiers. The FX series amplifiers feature a built-in Wireless-Access-Point (WAP) for simple connection and configuration via WiFi as a well as an intuitive web-based software UI. 

With 6 models to choose from starting at 2 x 60W in a half rack unit to 4 x 500W in a two rack unit, there’s an FX that will fit just about any project.

Ashly’s FX comes in two configurations: 1/2 Rack Units (RU) for fitting into those tight spaces where other high-powered amps won’t go. And for when you need the “big guns”, the 2 RU FX 500.2 & FX500.4 deliver power enough for even the largest speakers in your system (like those big subs). All FX models are lightweight for their power levels (the 2,000W FX 500.4 is only 16.5 lbs!). FX does more, in a smarter, more comprehensive package.

Naturally,  they have the rugged reliability that Ashly is known for…including a 5-year warranty.

Conference/Huddle Rooms – Classrooms – Retail Stores – Hotel Lobbies – Inside Displays & Kiosks – Bars and Restaurants- Trade Show Exhibits – HoW & Auditoriums



FX isn’t just another amplifier with a pretty face. Under the hood, the FX Series sports a powerful DSP engine that can be configured to suit a wide range of tasks, without the need for additional equipment. From processing input sources, routing and output DSP that can fine tune the sound of any speaker. Everything you need is right there. These can route into Zones A-D and then into Outputs (2 or 4 depending on the number of amplifier channels). All models have a 4-channel DSP configuration, including:

• Input processing

• Zone Processing

• Output Processing

• Speaker Processing

• Device Settings

This makes the FX Series capable of handling a variety of applications, such as:

• Multi-zone music distribution for retail, restaurant/bar

• Noise masking for offices and medical facilities

• Media playback for hotel lobbies, retail & museum kiosks

• Mobile Sound

The fully parametric 10-band EQ is just one of FX software programmable settings. The UI can be controlled via mouse or touch-pad control.

The FX DSP engine provides a rich selection of functions for getting the most out of your system. Here’s what you get with the FX on-board DSP:

  • Dashboard: Status display, level control and metering for Zones A-D
  • Inputs: Gain/Trim, Sensitivity
  • Zones: Source select, mono/stereo, level control & metering, GPIO assignment, Compressor for Zones A-D
  • Outputs: Routing (from Zones A-D), Delay (up to 100ms), 10-bands of fully parametric EQ for Outputs 1&2 (2-channel amps) or Outputs 1-4 (4-channel amps)
  • Speaker Presets: Save/Load/Select from Library, Custom: X-Over & Gain, 11-band Speaker EQ (fully parametric), FIR Filter import, Speaker Alignment Delay (up to 10ms), Polarity, Limiter (Clip, Peak & RMS), Output Mode (Low/HiZ).
  • Settings: System & Device info, Backup & Restore, Speaker Preset Library, Power Management (standby/sleep, auto/manual), GPIO settings, LAN, WiFi

All models provide 4 mic/line inputs, so you get the power of a 4-input mixer, zone matrix, plus Output & Speaker processing. With all that, FX can be a true “one-box” soliton for many applications.



To control FX’s powerful DSP, you’ll find its user-friendly software interface that offers an intuitive workflow and easy access to even FX’s most advanced functions. A webpage-like directory on the lefthand side of the UI keeps all necessary functions clearly visible and accessible at all times. No multi-page layering, no right-click or hidden menus and no getting “lost in the weeds”.

This starts with the FX Dashboard, where you will quickly see the amp’s status displayed, along with Zone controls. The directory then takes you through the signal flow from Inputs to Zones to Outputs, followed by general settings. Easy. Simple.

The Dashboard (“Home” page) show all system (front panel) stats at a glance, as well as Zone settings

An added feature is the ability to create, save & load speaker presets to accommodate virtually any loudspeaker (including Ashly AW, IS & SP models, of course). These can be loaded independently per channel, so different speakers may be used for different zones, or satellites and subs may be used for a bar or auditorium.

The FX UI Screens are well laid out, with consistent controls form page to page that are informative and easy-to read. All device information and operations are at your fingertips. From Input & Outs settings, remote assignments to Power & IP. YOU are in control. And… it’s Ashly, so you know it’s easy to use. No spending a week at a training course or tearing through page after page of operator’s manual (although we do provide those, just in case). You’ll spend less time designing and programming and more time mining projects.

Device Information X-Over and Gain
Inputs EQ


Rather than being tethered to a PC with an installed app, FX can be accessed anytime, anywhere with almost any browser-enabled device. FX software provides easy viewing and control from virtually any PC, tablet or smartphone, regardless of OS. No software to install (it’s built into the FX unit). Just connect using the Ethernet port or built-in WiFi and you’re ready to Rock & Roll. The WiFi connection allows secure ID and password protection from unauthorized use and for more advanced users, Ethernet allows custom IP settings for use on a more complex wired LAN.

The browser-based network interface also makes remote service and troubleshooting easier. A technician can simply log in with remote access from their PC or mobile device and without needing to download or install any software.

All FX models have a built-in WiFi hotspot, so directly connecting to an FX amp is easy:

  • You can connect from any PC or mobile device with a browser.
  • Peer-to-peer connectivity. No additional network hardware needed
  • Simply find FX on your device as an “available” network and select
  • Log-in using secure WEP ID/PW
  • You’re connected!

You get even more functionality with a router/gateway:

  • You can also set an FX unit as a client for use with a DHCP router
  • Remote access to on-site units for service and troubleshooting
  • Easier management of multiple units in a system
  • Access to software updates & preset library downloads
  • FX may also be used on a wired LAN with either a DHCP or static IP address.

• FX can change gears to work for whatever type of speakers your system requires. Its multi-mode operation with switchable Low Z (4/8 Ohms) or Hi Z (25/70/100V) can be selected in software, so you can mix and match speaker types as needed. All models also offer convenient power-sharing technology that balances power between channels to meet different load requirements.

• Each channel of the FX Series can operate at Low Z mode or be bridged for 70/100V constant Voltage output by selecting the appropriate Output Mode in the DSP software on each channel (Note: HiZ operation requires two channels to be bridged)

• The SPDIF Digital I/O may be used to connect other compatible equipment or may be used to bridge two FX amplifiers and digitally expand the system.

A Dynamic Power-sharing feature is automatically regulated and can allow power distribution between channels. Depending on the model. For example, the 125W models can shift power partially or completely between each channel pair, allowing you to effectively run double-power (250W) from a single channel, or split the difference to accommodate mismatched loads (175W/75W).

Power-sharing example. FX-125.2 & FX-125.4

FX Series gives you a wide power range to choose from. That, coupled with its configurability, allows you to scale power to precisely suit the needs of any project. There are several models to choose from:

FX-60.2 2 x 60W @ 25V, 4/8 Ohms. Up to 120W-single channel or @70/100V(bridged)
FX-60.4 4 x 60W @ 25V, 4/8 Ohms . Up to 250W-single channel or 2 x 120W @70/100V(bridged)
FX-125.2 2 x 125W @ 25V, 4/8 Ohms. Up to 250W-single channel or @70/100V(bridged)
FX-125.4 4 x 125W @ 25V, 4/8 Ohms. Up to 2 x 250W-single channel or @70/100V(bridged)
FX-500.2 2 x 500W @ 2/4 Ohms, 2 x 250W @ 8 Ohms. 2 x 320W @ 25V, Up to 750W-single channel or 1,000W @4 Ohms, 70/100V (bridged)
FX-500.4 4 x 500W @ 2/4 Ohms, 4 x 250W @ 8 Ohms. 4 x 320W @ 25V, Up to 2 x 750W-single channel or 2 x 1,000W @4 Ohms, 70/100V (bridged)

The FX Series’ pedigree is the culmination of compact Class D design so successfully implemented in the FA Series and Ashly’s years of providing easy-to-use software. Along with a newly incorporated DSP engine & software UI, FX takes amplification to new levels. FX is networkable via Ethernet for wired LAN connection, or directly via its built-in WiFi hotspot. No network router needed. FX allows system configurations that don’t require additional equipment, such as stand-alone DSP or speaker system processors. All of that is in one box. That saves space, money & time.

With 6 models to choose from starting at 2 x 60W in a ½ RU to 4 x 500W in 2 RU, there’s an FX that will fit just about any project. Each offers a healthy compliment of IO (include Digital SPDIF In & Out) and programmable integration ports for remote Volume control, GP triggers and more.

• Offers high power density:

• 60W x 2 Ch or 4 Ch, 125W x 2 Ch or 4 Ch in ½ RU chassis

• 500W x 2Ch or 4 Ch in 2 RU chassis

• Low (2*/4/8 Ohm) or Hi Impedance (70/100V) operation, selectable in software

• Balanced Mic/Line inputs on removeable Euroblock connectors, plus unbalanced RCA inputs

• 2-channel SPDIF Digital IO

• Front panel status LEDs for amp, Input, output & network

• Advanced Dynamic Power Sharing distributes power between channels, with up to 4x channel power**

• Networkable via Ethernet or built-in WiFi

• Built-in advanced DSP on all inputs & outputs, including: Sensitivity, Routing, Gain, PEQ, Compressor, Limiter, FIR Filters, X-Over, Polarity & Delay

• Browser-based UI accessed via PC or mobile device. No software to install.

• All models have 4 Input channels x 2 or 4 Output channels

• Auto/Manual Power Saver Mode (sleep/standby), adjustable in Software

• Customized Speaker Presets made be created, saved & loaded for each output channel

• Addressable GPIO, Standby/Mute & VC remote ports. VC assignable per channel via software

• ½ RU models easy to hide in “non-rack” installations.

• Highly efficient Class D and lightweight

• Optional hardware for ½ RU models for rack & wall/surface mounting.

*FX 500 models only

** 4x power is for FX 60.4 only. Other models are up to 2 x power between pairs. Spec is total power with a single channel driven.



FX 60.2 

 FX 60.4

 FX 125.2

 FX 125.4

 FX 500.2

 FX 500.4

FX 750.2

FX 750.4

FA1.2RM Rack-mount kit

FA2.2RM Rear Rail Support kit

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