Live Reinforcement

Live is Ashly’s legacy — it’s how we began 45 years ago with an analog mixing console. After years of mixer development and subsequent entry in the digital realm, we’ve come full circle: Ashly’s digMIX™18 and digiMIX™24 mixers offer compact, powerful and user-friendly features not found in any other mixers of comparable size or price: Complete I/O channel DSP (PEQ, Compressor, Gate, Delay and more), digital IO options and built-in FX, with an “analog-like” control surface. Both models have 16 Class A discrete mic preamps for best-in-class sound quality, 100mm moving fader that works for all channels, 7” touchscreen and all-channel metering. Their compact size makes transport easy (the digiMIX18 is even rack able!), and its interface (including our exclusive “EZ Mode”) make it a pleasure to use as well. We even offer a free iPad app for remote control.

The second link in the chain is Ashly’s bread and butter: Power Amplifiers. High-power versions (nX and KLR) provide up to 3,200 W/chan. and are 2Ω stable for big, power-hungry speakers and subs. Our highly-efficient Class D technology pulls less current from the wall, so you’re not needlessly tripping breakers (important when performing in an unknown venue). Ashly offers more Dante-equipped amplifiers (41 models) than any other amplifier manufacturer and maximizes rack density by providing more power in less space (up to 12,000W in 2U !), with full-compliment of DSP right in the amp with our Protēa-equipped nX models. 

HoW, School Auditorium, Performing Arts Centers