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 A new addition to the AquaControl family is the AquaTouch7 Remote. This 7” color touch-panel provides secure remote-control access via Ethernet with wall-mount installation. The AquaTouch7 Remote is the perfect complement to AquaControl products like the AQM1208 & mXa1502.  Offering convenient and intuitive touch-control of all remote functions, the AquaTouch7 uses a wired Ethernet connection to its host device, providing reliable and secure access.  The AquaTouch7 is designed to be flush wall-mounted. PoE compatibility makes installation fast and simple. 

AquaControl™ Compatible

The AquaTouch7 is designed to be compatible with all AquaControl-based devices, like the mXa1502 Mixer-amplifier and the AQM1208 Digital Zone Mixer, as well as other AquaControl models yet to come. All remote page functions served by the AquaControl web-server interface may be viewed and accessed by the AquaTouch7. These include Mixers, DCA Faders & Virtual WR-5 Zone Controller pages and others that may be developed in the future. One or more of these pages may be assigned to the AquaTouch7 for access by any user and multiple AquaTouch7 remotes may be connected to a single AquaControl device if needed

The AquaTouch7 displays remote pages served up by any AquaControl device. So, whether you connect to an mXa1502, AQM1208 or any AquaControl models that may become available in the future, you’re covered. See, the remote software actually resides in the AquaControl host device, so the AquaTouch7 essentially operates as a “web-browser/viewer”. That means it’s always up-to date with the latest Ashly AquaControl models, assuring many years of reliable operation.


Secure Touchscreen Control

Offering secure wired Ethernet connectivity is just the start. The AquaTouch7 touchscreen allows access to only those remote pages that are assigned to particular user role upon logging in. If a user is only given permission to view a V. WR-5 Zone Controller, then that is all they will see. No worries about unauthorized access. In addition, a programmable screen time-out in the AquaTouch7 may be password protected to prevent access by any unauthorized user if they accidently touch the screen. Safe, secure access.


The AquaTouch7 offers 3-stages of security to prevent unauthorized access:

  • Secure AquaControl Login (Remote Connection): This login is the one setup in the AquaControl device for remote access.
  • Settings Login: Allows access to the Remote Settings Menu
  • Screen Access Login: allows access to the remote view after the screen has timed out.

Using the supplied wall-mount bracket, the AquaTouch7 may be mounted on-wall with a sleek, flush appearance. It provides an elegant in-wall design for clean-looking Installation. It is compatible with any standard single, dual-gang or 60mm Euro-style electrical boxes. And with wired CAT5 Ethernet, your connection is always secure.

Whether it’s on a wall in your conference room, classroom, retail store or hotel ballroom, the AquaTouch7 always looks simple and elegant. Thee AquaTouch7 may installed with or without an electrical back box as needed.

Out of the box, the AquaTouch7 easily connects to any standard network shared by the AquaControl device. A PoE router or switch is recommended, though a sperate PoE injector may also be used. Once the AquaTouch powers up, it launches the quick setup page when it quickly identifies the AquaControl “host” device. Then the user simply logs in to view the remote page(s) for which they have been given permissions and BAM! Ready to go!

The Easy Setup Menu for the AquaTouch7 simplifies installation and operation. It features settings for:

  • Screen Login: AquaControl PW gets you connected.
  • Settings Login: A 4-digit PIN lets you access the screen settings menu
  • Screen Time Out: A 4-digit PIN allows access to the screen after it times out.
  • Screen Adjustment: Brightness and Auto-rotate


The AquaTouch7 is a new networked 7” in-wall touch-panel remote designed to work with all Ashly AquaControl devices, providing a secure remote-control interface for installations along with fast, easy setup. It offers an attractive remote option for conference rooms, restaurants, HoW, schools, hotels or anywhere convenient access is required.  With the AquaTouch7, all AquaControl remote functions are literally at your fingertips!

  • AquaControl™ Compatible
  • Secure Touchscreen Control
  • Wall-Mountable
  • Easy Setup Menu
  • Multi-stage Secure Access
  • Installs in 1 gang, 2 gang or 60mm Euro electrical boxes
  • Wired Ethernet connectivity
  • PoE or DC Powered (DC power supply not included)
Touchscreen Display 7” TFT
Display Resolution 800 x 1280 (16.7M colors)
Display Brightness 400 NITS
Network Connectivity RJ45 Ethernet
Power Requirements: PoE (802.3af)
Color: White (frame)
Materials: Front: Clear E-glass, Rear- ABS
Mounted Dimensions: 6.91” W x 4.53” H x .65” D (17.6cm x 11.5cm x 1.65cm)
Depth Behind Wall: .75” (1.9cm)
Weight: 1.2lbs (.55kg)
Supplied accessories: Wall-mount bracket


Data Sheet



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Remote Controllers

AquaTouch 7

The AquaTouch7 Remote is the perfect compliment to AquaControl products. Offering convenient and intuitive touch-control of all remote functions, the AquaTouch7 uses a wired Ethernet connection to its host device, providing reliable and secure access.

The AquaTouch7 is designed to be flush wall-mounted. PoE compatibility makes installation fast and simple.