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WR Serial Remotes

Control your system from any location with our WR Series remote controls. These devices fit in standard North American wall boxes and use low gauge wire for hook-up

WR-1 : dual potentiometer remote volume control for DC level control.
WR-1.5 : single potentiometer plus a 4-position rotary preset recall switch.
WR-2 : allows selection of one of four presets via interlocking pushbutton switches.
WR-5 : programmable remote control for Ashly amps and processors with a serial data connector.
neWR-5 : programmable Ethernet based remote control unit for Ashly networked products. Connecting and powering the neWR-5 is done using standard Cat-5 cable and an IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) source.
INA-1 Inline Adaptor : allows Ashly products without an RS-232 port, but with a serial data connector to connect to RS-232 control systems.

Key to the success of your project is the ability to give the Pro AV System clients the ability to intuitively control the sound system within defined parameters.

Sophisticated, network audio products are still operated by inexperienced personnel. Ashly offers both network and serial remote controls that allow clients to easily select presets, route sources to specific rooms & zones and turn the volume up or down.

■ Visual indication verifies changes
■ Preset recall and preset scroll
■ Input & matrix mix gain control (WR-5, neWR-5)
■ Output gain control (WR-5, neWR-5)
■ Channel mute (WR-5, neWR-5)
■ Zone source select (WR-5, neWR-5)
■ Logic high/low (WR-5, neWR-5)
■ Lock-out feature (neWR-5)
■ Serial data = 4-wire cable (WR-5, RD-8C, RW-8C)
■ Ethernet = Cat-5 cable (neWR-5)

Model Photo Description Data Sheet Manual Line Art
WR-1 US Euro Dual Volume Control Download US Euro Download
WR-1.5 US Euro Volume Control & Source/Preset Select Download US Euro Download
WR-2 US Euro Multi-Function Wall Network Remote Download US Euro Download
WR-5 US Programmable, Multi-Function Wall Remote Download US Download
RD(RW)-8C Front 8-Ch Remote Level Console Download Download Download
INA-1 Front In-line RS-232 Adapter Download
RPS-18 Front WR-5 In-line Power Booster Download