Powerful yet easy-to-use

Ashly came to understand long ago, that while great sound is important, what makes a great audio product is a positive user experience. It was upon that premise that Ashly developed its successful DSP software that not only provides powerful tools, but was also intuitive and easy to use. While others were offering software that required a PhD in computer science to use, Ashly was providing a software experience that allowed users to get right to work, designing and implementing effective audio solutions for their clients. Make it work. Make it Simple. That’s our credo.

The right tool for the right job. For creating and configuring the right system, Ashly’s Protea software suite has all the DSP tools you’d expect and then some. Fast and intuitive, Protea let’s you get the job done quickly-It’s one suite for all Ashly DSP products, so there’s never any confusion. For a user interface that’s sure to impress, Ashly Remote software let’s you serve up a custom remote interface that has all the controls your client will need, displayed exactly how they want, for use with their iPad or iPhone.


digiMix is an ideal mixer solution for bar/restaurants, clubs and cabarets that offer live music. It offers a compact, affordable and easy-to-use interface without sacrificing the powerful features found on many larger and more expensive mixers.

School gym/auditoriums are venues often used for school events (like dances) and productions (plays/concerts) and when called for, mixing tasks are sometimes delegated to inexperienced staff or students. The digiMix 18 & 24 offers a small footprint mixer, which doesn’t occupy house seats and an EZ-Mode that allows virtually anyone to be the “Mix-Master” without fear of accidently messing with any important settings. It’s Auto-Mix function and assignable Cross-fade make it ideal for larger productions and DJ -oriented parties alike. The rack-mountable digiMix18 can be secured for use in a mobile rack or desk when necessary.

Managing a sports event can be like herding cats-Mics for the live announcer and on-field coaches or umpires, canned announcements, sponsored content, playback of team songs or fight music, etc.…. You get the picture. It takes a respectable mixer to step up to the plate. Here’s the digiMix 18 & 24, designed to accommodate any sporting event. With enough ins and outs to handle all the sources and send them where they’re needed, with full control at your fingertips. They’re also really portable, so getting them on and off the field is easy, just like the digiMix itself. Choose from the digiMix24 with 24 ins, subgrouping and USB audio, or the more compact & rack able digiMix18. Together, they’re a winning team.

digiMix allows even churches with constrained budget or limited expertise access to powerful mixing functions. They pack powerful features (like PEQ, Compressor and Gate with FX on every channel) into an affordable and user-friendly package. With features like EZ-Mode that take the intimidation out of mixing for the novice and expert as well. 6 DCA groups provide easy control over Drums, choir mics and keyboard and 8 AUX outs can provide feeds for loop monitors, band monitors, balcony, podcasts and overflow areas. Whether it’s simple speech with some piano or organ, or a full-tilt worship band, digiMix steps up with ample inputs, features and functions. It even offers a Dante® option card to allow digital connection to other pro gear or for DAW recording and playback.