Powerful DSP for systems and loudspeakers

We’ve applied our proven Protēa Windows-based Control Software to a remarkably broad range of matrix system, and speaker processors. Protēa give you greater preset capacity than any dedicated DSP system, and a very intuitive visual representation of the audio routing and control process. All three Protēa DSP line are third-party control friendly.

Whether you are designing or installing a system for corporate boardrooms, restaurants, courtrooms, houses of worship, left/ center/right high output speaker systems in performance spaces, auditoriums or conference centers, our DSP Processors with Protēa Windows-based Control Software will more than satisfy your requirements for any system. ne and ne24.24 series can be remote controlled via Ashly Remote software for iPad®.


Ashly DSP was born to fit into retail & restaurant spaces. They have been successfully installed in myriad retail spaces throughout the world. The ne Protea processors (ne44400, 4800 & 8800) provide up 8 in x 8 out matrix mixing with a full compliment of input & output DSP, including priority Ducking, Ambient Noise Compensation (ideal for noisy environments), Compressor/Leveler/limiter function to keep all levels under control and can also be Dante-enabled (optional) to allow efficient transmission of audio over network using a single CAT5 cable. The ne processors coupled with the right Ashly power amp solution, can accommodate most small to medium sized retail facilities. The ne24.24m Matrix Processor is a modular, scalable solution configurable up to 24 channels total. The ne 24.24m is ideal for situations requiring higher channel counts (ins or outs) and where simpler, fixed DSP architecture is preferable. The ne24.24m offers the flexibility to adapt to a variety or retail, restaurant/bar and hotel situations, without the steep learning curve associated with other DSP. Add some Ashly remote control options and your next retail project is sure to be yet another success story.
Whether as a front end for a school paging system, music distribution or speaker system processing for the school auditorium, Ashly processors are in a class by themselves. The ne Protea processors deliver up to 8×8 matrix (each can be feed to a discrete zone such as cafeteria, hallways, gym, schoolyard, etc…), with a full suite of DSP tools to allow various sources to be routed and processed as desired, while under full network or remote control. There’s also a built-in scheduler to provide timed automated actions to be conducted according to a predetermined calendar, and which can be custom tailored to match the school’s busy schedule, without the need to be attended. For larger more granular zone distribution, the modular ne24.24m can be configured to accommodate up to 24 channels (20 x 4 or 4 x 20), so more areas may be addressed independently if needed. While all the neprocessors are capable of speaker system processing, there are many features that may not be needed if that is all that is required. The SP-3.6 & 4.8 strip about all the non-essentials and are relegated to purely speaker management tasks/ offering 3 x 6 or 4 x 8 configurations, the SP processors provide all the necessary DSP tools for fine-tuning your school’s performance PA
Sports facilities often need the same tools to perform properly as many high-performance PA systems. Ashy Protea-based ne processors cover all the bases. From announcements, to foreground music, to priority paging, ne Processors are equipped with full DSP tools, like PEQ & GEQ, Comp/limiters, Feedback Suppression, Speaker Management (like X-Over and delay-for when you break out the subs) and from 4×4 to 24 channel configurations. Installer-friendly with removeable Euroblock connections and GPI Ins and Outs.

In HoW applications, Protea-based ne processors (ne 4400,4800 & 8800) can function as distribution processors, taking feeds from the main mix console and distributing (up to 8×8 with additional processing) to various areas or stems, such as mains (LF & HF with X-Over, Delay, Limiter, Feedback Suppression), balcony (with EQ, Delay), IFB loop monitors (with Auto-Leveler, EQ & Limiter), aisles, overflow areas, cry room, lobby, as well as recording, podcast, etc….An optional Dante® card can offer network connectivity between compatible mixers, amplifiers and other equipment. SP3.6 & 4.8 Speaker Processors are dedicated DSP for Speaker Management, with -Gain, X-Over, PEQ, Delay, Limiter).