Ashly offers a diverse range of power amps, each engineered to address various application challenges Many of them are custom-configurable to exactly match your project needs.
nX- Series has a remarkably broad offering of configurations and power ratings — 2 & 4 ch. versions from 75W to 3,000W per ch. and Multi-mode operation covering impedances from 2Ω to 100V. Available as base models or with Ethernet, Protea DSP & Digital Audio connectivity options handle demanding installed applications, especially those requiring various power ratings and speaker types.
Next is ne- with networkable 4 & 8-ch. x 250W models specifically designed for multi-zone distribution applications. Also available with Protea DSP & Digital IO options and at specific impedances (LowZ, 25V, 70V & 100V) for different system requirements.
Pêma is a true “System-in-a-box” for churches, schools and retail environments. With 4 & 8 channel x 125W or 250W and standard Ethernet, DSP & built in Class A Mic preamps, pêma handles a variety of live mixing, music distribution and paging applications.
KLR Series is our 2-channel brute force workhorse — no bells and whistles, just raw, relentless power from 1,000 to 2,500W per ch. and stable 2Ω operation to satisfy even the most current-sucking subwoofers.

For “quiet” situations, our new FA Series High Density convection-cooled amps [FA is not convection, but fan-cooled. Though they are extremely quiet], TRA, and SRA offer compact 2 & 4-channel power solutions that are as stream-lined as they are stealthy.


A 40-year History of Reliability and Sonic Performance

To say that we make power amplifiers for every application is an understatement. Nobody makes more models. And few have our reputation for durability. From conventional convection-cooled 75 and 150-watt models to state-of-the-art, Ethernet/Dante® designs with Protēa DSP built-in, we can offer solutions to any amp problem you encounter.

Ashly makes more power amplifier models than any other manufacturer — 75 to 3000 watts, 2 and 4-channel, convection and fan-cooled, net-enabled and Dante® , DSP or not. That means you can specify exactly what a job needs…and source all amplifiers from one reliable company.

We keep good stock and offer exceptional technical support before and after a sale.


Ashly amplifiers for hospitality run the gamut from TM Series, which is sufficient for the simple needs of mom & pop retail stores and restaurants, where just a few speakers are used for background music and paging. From there, it steps up to nX and nXp which provide increased power with multi-mode power for a mix of 8 Ohm and 70V speakers if necessary and DSP for system processing all in one unit. Then, to ne, which offers up to 8 channels of power & DSP to handle multi-zone requirements of sports bars and big-box retail. Protea -equipped modes will give you all the processing for making background music sound great, ducking for priority override of source (including paging) and remote option. Lastly, Ashly offers the widest selection of 70V and Dante-equipped power amplifiers in the industry, so we’re sure to have just the right amplifier solution for your needs.

Schools represent a multi-faceted environment with various needs. School gyms and auditoriums typically require high-power, input count and challenging acoustics. Protea-equipped nXp can offer power, flexibility and functionality for even the largest speaker compliment and with DSP horsepower to take care of matrix -mixing, speaker system management duties. pema offers a “system-in-a-box” approach with up to 8 x 250W, mic inputs with matrix DSP mixing and more. KLR is a cost-effective powerhouse series for use with separate mixers and DSP components and is ideal for sports fields and gymnasiums. KLR provides high-performance bang-for-the-buck.
Sound systems for sports facilities often demand flexibility and dependability. Day to day operation (long hours, outdoor conditions, etc.…) can place stresses that pushes amplifier performance to the edge. No worries. Ashly amps are designed to go to the edge and beyond. Our advanced Class D designs are highly energy efficient, which means they are very cool running and far less prone to failure than many similar amps. Ashly’s Dynamic PFC (Power-factor correction) means more intelligent handling of current and less thermal drift, while advanced Power Management allows the amps to work only when they need to, utilizing less current and keeping operating temperature at minimum. The nX Series can drive any load for mix and match system configurations (like 8 Ohm, full-range speakers for the hockey rink and 70V distributed speakers for the peripheral areas), each with it’s own independent DSP settings (nXp). For larger, more spread-out facilities where multi-zone FGM and paging are required, ne and pema Series can provide up to 8 x 250W at 4/8 Ohms or 70V. Dante® is also an available option allowing simpler and more cost-effective system connectivity, with just a single CAT5 cable to carry multiple inputs via network. For your sports facilities, Ashly’s got a winning solution!
Amplifier needs for Houses of Worship can vary significantly depending on size and type. Smaller churches or those with simple speech amplification will generally require lower power. Worship facilities with larger congregations and with choirs, solo vocalists, organs, worship bands, etc.. will obviously require larger speaker systems and therefore higher power. Ashy offers a wide range of power solutions that fit just about any size worship facility. From 2 & 4-channel, 75 or 150W per channel nX Series, capable of driving any combination low impedance and hi-Z (70V) speakers to allow typical PA speakers and/or smaller distributed speaker systems. Add networking and Protea DSP for control, speaker processing and monitoring. for larger needs, nX goes all the way 3,000W per channel @ 2 Ohms for driving larger speaker systems, line arrays and subs, with available speaker processing to allow X-over, equalization (including FFIR filters), delay, limiting and Feedback Suppression. For smaller to medium-size facilities, pema offers a “church-in-a-box” solution. u to 8 x 250W at 4 Ohms or 70V, with 8×8 matrix processing and mic-mixing and all the protea DSP tools to make your system sing. oh and for those “digitally-minded” churches, Ashly nX, ne and Pema Series amps are available with Dante, so all your gear can easily connect via network with just a CAT5 wire. Where lower cost, simple operation and brute-force power is needed (and for when your processing is a separate component), KLR amps will provide workhorse performance all the way down to 2 Ohms for driving larger speaker arrays and power-hungry subs, delivering from 1,000-2, 500W per channel.