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New Classes – New Opportunities to learn. Join us! Open to the public.

Reach out to Ashly Sales and Support 8am – 5pm Eastern Monday – Thursday. Call toll-free 800-705-2102 or use webchat on below to speak to our industry best Sales and Tech Support teams.

Ashly University’s Webinar Series is off to a roaring start, with new sessions being added every day. Join us for an informative and interesting webinar and learn how Ashly is positioned to help you design your sound solutions more effectively and efficiently.

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“Taking Advantage Of Custom Remote Layouts Using the Ashly Remote App”

This session covers the ins & outs of setting up a custom remote interface on iPad using the Ashly Remote app. Includes: downloading, connecting to a device, remote object function assignments, security features and custom backgrounds.

45mins/15mins Q&A

Scheduled Sessions:

  • Tuesday 09/01/2020
    10:00am Session 1 Hr.

“Introduction to Ashly IS Columns and AW On-Wall Speakers”

Intro to Ashly unique new column and surface-mount speaker series. What makes them different, benefits and most suitable applications.

45mins/10mins Q&A

Scheduled Sessions:

  • Wednesday 09/02/2020
    10:00am Session 1 Hr.

“Network Connection with Ashly Solutions Made Easy”

Discover how simple connecting to Ashly Protea and AquaControl devices can be. Whether you use wired LAN or WiFi, we’ll show you how to get up and running quickly and how to troubleshoot possible issues

45mins/15mins Q&A

Scheduled Sessions:

  • Thursday 09/03/2020
    10:00am Session 1 Hr.


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