We didn’t compromise on anything but space requirements.

Some installations “need it all” but don’t have the space or the budget for a large equipment rack packed with amplifiers and DSP processors. Our Mixer-Amplifiers combine robust, cool-running Ashly power amplifiers with premium microphone preamplifiers, line and stereo line inputs and our advanced Ashly AquaControl™ software. All in one rack space! Select inputs, mix (or automix) and process them with full DSP including EQ, ducking, and compression/limiting, then route them via low-impedance or constant voltage amplification to multiple zones. AquaControl is “platform agnostic” with embedded software controlled by any web browser.

• A school cafetorium as a single large space or divided into four smaller rooms…used for lunches, choir and orchestra concerts, school plays, assemblies, video presentations and at night, exercise classes.
• A small church that needs main PA, under-balcony speakers, sound for a crying room, and a Sunday school.
• A business with offices, conference room and separate warehouse area.
• A restaurant with waiting area, main dining room, bar and patio.
These examples and many others are perfect applications for Ashly Mixer-Amplifiers.



One-component Ashly Mixer-Amplifiers are a great solution for restaurants, sports bars, small clubs, event centers that do weddings receptions, conferences and reunions, and of course hotels where one component can handle paging and announcements, background music and TV audio from a single tablet or fixed remote.

Schools are a multi-faceted environment with very diverse needs. School gyms and auditoriums typically require high-power, input count and means of dealing with challenging acoustics. Cafeterias are often used for events like concerts or assemblies. College lecture halls require mic inputs for professors and student feedback plus a wide range of audio/video sources. Our mixer-amplifiers get top marks.

Sound systems for sports facilities demand flexibility and dependability. Day to day operation (long hours, outdoor conditions, etc.…) can place stresses that pushes amplifier performance to the edge. The advanced Class D designs in our mixer-amplifiers are highly energy efficient, cool running and far less prone to failure than many similar amps.

Not all churches are mega-churches with big praise bands, a 30-voice choir and three pastors. For more modest churches, our mixer-amplifiers offer a budget-friendly, highly reliable solution. Plenty of mic preamps for the minister, scripture readers and solo singers. A/V inputs for laptop, DVD and CD. And amplified feeds for sanctuary, balcony fill, crying room, etc.