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The mXa-1502 with Ashly AquaControl™ software gives your customers multi-zone music distribution, paging, sound-masking and automatic mixing for a wide-range of environments. Process 12 audio inputs into four different areas with a single rack space device that includes two Ashly-reliable 150-watt amplifiers capable of driving 2,4 and 8-ohm as well as 25, 70 and 100V loads.



The mXa-1502 with Ashly AquaControl software™ gives your customers multi-zone music distribution, paging, sound-masking and automatic mixing for a wide-range of environments. Process 12 audio inputs into four different areas with a single rack space device that includes two Ashly-reliable 150-watt amplifiers capable of driving 2,4 and 8-ohm as well as 25, 70 and 100V loads.

mXa-1502 Remote Controllers

The following remote options are available to work with the mXa-1502 Mixer-amplifier:


WR-1 Is a single-gang, wall remote that allows control of volume for any two (2) Input or Output channels on the mXa-1502. This is useful for maximizing the number of zones or areas that require control, while keeping hardware and installation cost to a minimum.


WR-1.1 Is a single-gang, wall remote that allows control of volume for any single Input or Output channel on the mXa-1502. This is great for when individual volume controls need to be located in each zone. Provides a simple and cost-effective remote option.


WR-1.5: This “combination” remote offers two control knobs in a single-gang, wall format. One knob allows control of volume for any Input or Output channel on the mXa-1502 and the other is for selection of exclusive functions such as any four Presets, Sub-presets or Sources. The WR-1.5 offers total zone control in a simple, intuitive form-factor.


For easy preset scene or source selection, the WR-2 remote’s 4 push-buttons allow selection of exclusive functions (Preset, Subpreset, Source Select 1-4) in a single-gang wall-mount format.

Virtual FR Remote Mixer Page

This virtual remote is built right into the AquaControl software, so it comes at no extra cost. It may be accessed from any iOS or Android browser-enabled device (such as a tablet or smartphone) connected to the mXa-1502 using a Wi-Fi router. It allows control of up to 12 Mixer channel levels as well as mutes (using the device’s touchscreen) and also meters per mixer page (1-4) that are set up using the AquaControl Software interface. It’s a convenient and easy-to-use fader interface for when live mix control is needed.

DVCA Remote Page

DVCA Remote Page Another “virtual” controller, the DVCA page is also a remote feature that is incorporated into AquaControl software. The DVCA remote provides touchcontrol of up to four (4) DVCA groups, which work as “Master Faders” for any assigned group of mXa-1502 Input or Output channels. Any wireless iOS or Android device may access the DVCA page for convenient control channel groups or zones.

Can’t reach the remote?: Just a reminder that the mXa-1502 has 4 assignable buttons right on the front panel, which may be used to select Presets or Sources. For use as an alternate to the other remotes when the mXa unit is conveniently within reach.

The mXa-1502 with AquaControl™ provides total control over four separate zones with a rich compliment of digital signal processing, including routing, automixing, ducking, amplifier monitoring, event scheduling/triggering and more. All through our easy-to-use AquaControl™ that doesn’t require a week of tutorials to understand and configure. It lets you and your customers navigate using virtually any browser-enabled device. Trouble-shoot or re-configure it without having to travel to the client location. Or add our hard-wired WR-1.1 single-gang remote.

❚ 8-balanced Mic/Line Inputs
❚ Precision Class A mic preamp design
❚ 4 Stereo Line Inputs
❚ 4 Outputs
❚ 2 x 150W Class D Amplifiers with selectable Multi-mode operation (2/4/8 Ohm + 25/70/100V)
❚ Four convenient front-panel buttons for source/preset select
❚ Scheduler and RTC (Real-Time Clock) allows user-defined automatic, timed activation of various operations
❚ Generous integration I/O, including: Network, Serial, GPIO, VC, Standby & Fault (works with the WR-1, WR-1.1, WR-1.5, and WR-2 remotes)
❚ Compact 1U design reduces rack space requirements
❚ New, advanced Ashly AquaControl™ software allows easy and convenient access from many browser-based devices. No app to install! Comprehensive DSP includes:
❚ Programmable Analog Mic Preamps ❚ Phantom Power On/Off ❚ Gain with Link Group Assign and Polarity switch ❚ Remote Gain ❚ DVCA Gain ❚ Meter with Peak Hold Equalizers ❚ 31-band Graphic — Constant or Proportional Q ❚ 10-band Parametric EQ + HPF / LPF ❚ Signal Generator ❚ Delay
❚ Compressor ❚ Auto Leveler ❚ Clip (Brick Wall Limiter) ❚ Gate ❚ Matrixing ❚ Automixers ❚ Ducker
❚ 31-band Graphic — Constant or Proportional Q ❚ 10-Band Parametric ❚ FIR Filters 
❚ 2/3/4-way Crossover ❚ Ambient Noise Control ❚ Delay ❚ Dynamics (same as Inputs) 
❚ Signal Generator ❚ Meter with Peak Hold
Event Scheduler (Calendar)
Event Logs
❚ Windows® OS 10 ❚ Mac® OS 10 and later ❚ Linux Web Browsers ❚ Chrome for Windows®, OS X, iOS, Android® ❚ Safari for OS X ❚ Edge for Windows®



Data Sheet



Version History

Quick Start Guide

mXa mXa-1502 Download Manual Firmware V1.2.4.bin


Firmware Rev_History Quick Start Guide



Updating AquaControl™ firmware on your Ashly mXa-1502.

The mXa-1502 uses embedded programs that run within the device, also known as firmware. On occasion, Ashly will release new firmware updates to improve operation or add features. In most cases this can be deployed in the field by the system administrator.

It is important to review the firmware revision history to determine if the update will add value to your installation. Although a firmware update is typically a routine procedure, there is a low level of risk that it can cripple the Ashly device, explained below:

Associated risk when updating.

If power to the Ashly mXa-1502 device is interrupted during the update procedure, there is a risk of disabling the device. Once the firmware update procedure has begun, any interruption can leave the Ashly device in a “crippled” state.

The crippled state can occur because the firmware update routine first erases the old firmware on the Ashly device, then writes in the new firmware code. If an interruption occurs during that process, the Ashly device can be left without a valid program to function or communicate further with a computer, tablet or mobile device. If this happens, the mXa-1502 may need to be returned to the Ashly Service Department to restore the factory flash program.

Installation Instruction:

Log into the mXa-1502 AquaControl(TM) software using an Admin level account.

The current firmware version is shown on the Dashboard landing page, in the Device information section.

To update the firmware navigate to the Settings -> General settings page, and click or press the “Update” button next to the current firmware revision text.

Click or press the “+ Firmware File” to locate a new firmware ‘bin’ file on your computer or mobile device, that you have downloaded from the Ashly Audio website.

Click or press “Install Update” to start the update process.

Damping Factor >250 (8 Ohm load <1kHz)
Distortion (SMPTE, typical) <0.5%
Distortion (THD-N, typical) <0.5% (8 Ohms, 10dB below rated power, 20Hz–20kHz)
Channel Separation –75dB (dB from full output, 1kHz)
Signal-to-Noise (unweighted) 20Hz-20kHz, Gain@26dB
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz, ±0.05dB
Balanced Input Connector Euroblock 3.5mm
Input Impedance 10k Ohms
Maximum Input Level +21dBu
Speaker Output Connector Euroblock 7.62mm
Nominal Voltage Input 100 – 240VAC
Operating Range 70 – 270VAC
Power Supply Type SMPS with active PFC
AC Mains Line Cord Connector Detachable Nema 5-15 for USA
Control Network RJ-45 connector, 1GB Ethernet
AUX Output Connector Balanced Euroblock 3.5mm
AUX Output Maximum Level +21dBu
Data Connection Euroblock 3.5mm – Gnd, +18V, Data Out, Data In
Fault Condition Logic Outputs Euroblock 3.5mm – fault indicated by loss of 1Hz “heartbeat” pulse signal
Remote DC Level Control Euroblock 3.5mm – Gnd, CV, V+ per input
Amplifier Protection Shorted output power limiting, over-temperature, DC-output, power-supply fault, mains-fuses & inrush-current limiting
Cooling Continuously variable temperature controlled fan
Unit Dimensions 19”W x 1.75”H x 14.54”D (483mm x 5mm x 369mm)
Dimensions 25.2”W x 2.5”H x 19.5”D / 641mm x 64mm x 495mm
Weight  13.0 lbs (5.4 kg)



Front Panel

Rear Panel Rear


One-component Ashly Mixer-Amplifiers are a great solution for restaurants, sports bars, small clubs, event centers that do weddings receptions, conferences and reunions, and of course hotels where one component can handle paging and announcements, background music and TV audio from a single tablet or fixed remote.

Schools are a multi-faceted environment with very diverse needs. School gyms and auditoriums typically require high-power, input count and means of dealing with challenging acoustics. Cafeterias are often used for events like concerts or assemblies. College lecture halls require mic inputs for professors and student feedback plus a wide range of audio/video sources. Our mixer-amplifiers get top marks.

Sound systems for sports facilities demand flexibility and dependability. Day to day operation (long hours, outdoor conditions, etc.…) can place stresses that pushes amplifier performance to the edge. The advanced Class D designs in our mixer-amplifiers are highly energy efficient, cool running and far less prone to failure than many similar amps.

Not all churches are mega-churches with big praise bands, a 30-voice choir and three pastors. For more modest churches, our mixer-amplifiers offer a budget-friendly, highly reliable solution. Plenty of mic preamps for the minister, scripture readers and solo singers. A/V inputs for laptop, DVD and CD. And amplified feeds for sanctuary, balcony fill, crying room, etc.