4-Zone DSP Mixer Amplifier with AquaControl™ Software

mXa-1502: 2 x 150W power and full DSP in one rack space!







Some installations “need it all” but don’t have the space or the budget for a large equipment rack packed with amplifiers and DSP processors.
The mXa-1502 Mixer-Amplifier combines robust, cool-running Ashly power amplifiers with premium microphone preamplifiers, line and stereo line inputs and our advanced Ashly AquaControl™ software.
All in one rack space!

Sound to four zones in stores, schools, offices, warehouses

Select inputs, mix (or automix) and process them with full DSP including EQ, ducking, and compression/limiting, then route them via low-impedance or constant voltage amplification to multiple zones.
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Innovative AquaControl software: Full DSP and more that’s easy to use

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A dozen total inputs with eight studio-quality mic/line preamps

The world doesn’t need another brand of ordinary wall-mount speakers. That’s why we developed a line with unique features and performance. Now you can spec an all-Ashly system with quality speakers that make beautiful music with our amplifiers and processors that feature Protēa and AquaControl™…and of course a range of wall controllers.

One order. One delivery. One satisfied customer!

• Retail • Hospitality 
• Schools and Colleges
• Huddle Rooms
• Office/Warehouses
Big box to bodega, mXa-1502 is perfect for retail. Control background music (low impedance or distributed), paging in different zones “Clean up on Aisle 2”, and sound masking. Control it all wirelessly from a tablet or PC.
mXa more than fills the audio needs of school lecture halls, auditorium, gymnasiums or multi-purpose rooms. Plug in up to eight microphones and two A/V sources such as laptops or DVD players.
An mXa-1502 is a winning combination for a school’s outdoor sports fields. Mics for an announcer, on-field presentations, or recorded music (if the band is out with COVID). 150 watts per channel drives the field’s speaker system with power to spare.
Background music throughout the restaurant, separate sound for the bar or lounge, patio, and waiting area. No other company makes a problem solver like the mXa-1502. It takes up minimal space, ­delivers plenty of power, and can be controlled with wireless tablets at reception and/or bar.
Divide and conquer hotel ballrooms with the mXa-1502. Plenty of mic inputs, A/V inputs for the presenter’s laptop, and 300 watts of power for portable speakers. You can even use one mXa-1502 to handle two separate, divided segments of a ballroom with mono sound.