Discontinued Products

Warranty and non-warranty service on all Ashly Products is performed at Ashly Audio, Inc. Technical Support office is open from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time from Monday – Friday; closed Holidays.

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ModelDescriptionData SheetManual
BP-41Bass PreamplifierData Sheet —
CFT-18002-Ch Power AmplifierData Sheet —
CG-85EGated Compressor/Limiter —Manual
CL-50EMono, Compressor LimiterData Sheet —
CL-52EDual, Compressor/LimiterData Sheet —
DLM-821Stereo, Ducking Line MixerData SheetManual
FET-200Stereo, Power Amplifier, 160W @ 4 Ohms —Manual
FET-500Stereo, Power Amplifier, 400W @ 4 Ohms —Manual
FET-1000 (M+C)Stereo, Power Amplifier, 160W @ 4 OhmsData Sheet —
FET-1500 (M+C)Stereo Power Amplifier, 275W @ 4 OhmsData Sheet
FET-2000 (M+C)Stereo, Power Amplifier, 400W @ 4 OhmsData Sheet
FTX-1000Stereo, Power Amplifier, 160W @ 4 OhmsManual
FTX-1001Stereo, Power Amplifier, Series IIIManual
FTX-1500Stereo, Power Amplifier, 275W @ 4 OhmsManual
FTX-1501Stereo, Power Amplifier, Series IIIManual
FTX-2000Stereo, Power Amplifier, 400W @ 4 OhmsManual
FTX-2001Stereo, Power Amplifier, Series IIIManual
GQ-215Dual, 15-Band 2/3 Graphic EQData Sheet
GQ-131Single, 31-Band 2/3 Graphic EQData Sheet
GQ-231Dual, 31-Band 1/3 Graphic EQData Sheet
MFA-60002x900W @ 2 Ohms Power AmplifierManual
MFA-80002x1500W @ 2 Ohms Power AmplifierManual
MQX-2310Graphic EQManual
MQX-1310Graphic EQManual
MQX-2150Graphic EQManual
ne4250 (b)4-Ch, 250W Network Amplifier (black front panel)Data SheetManual
ne8250 (b)8-Ch, 250W Network Amplifier (black front panel)Data SheetManual
ne800 (b)2x400W Power Amplifier (black front panel)Data SheetManual
ne800 (s)2x400W Power Amplifier (silver front panel)Data SheetManual
ne1600 (b)2x800W Power Amplifier (black front panel)Data SheetManual
NE800 (s)2x800W Power Amplifier (silver front panel)Data SheetManual
ne2400 (b)2x1600W Power Amplifier (black front panel)Data SheetManual
NE2400 (S)2x1600W Power Amplifier (silver front panel)Data SheetManual
P70-40070V Power AmplifierData SheetManual
P70-80070V Power AmplifierData SheetManual
PE-12002x600W class ABManual
PE-18002x900W class HData SheetManual
PE-24002x1200W class HManual
PE-30002x1500W class HData SheetManual
PE-38002x1900W class HData SheetManual
PemaProtea-Equipped Media Amplifier (black version)Data SheetManual
PF-4400Multi-Channel Power AmpsManual
PF-6250Multi-Channel Power AmpsManual
PF-470Multi-Channel Power Amps 70VManual
PF-670Multi-Channel Power Amps 70VManual
PQ-16Mono, 6-Band Parametric EQData Sheet
PQ-26Stereo, 6-Band Parametric EQData Sheet
PQX-571Parametric EQData SheetManual
PQX-572Parametric EQData SheetManual
SC-202-Way, 12dB CrossoverManual
SC-222-Way, 12dB CrossoverManual
SC-703-Way, 12dB CrossoverManual
SC-77Stereo, 3-Way, 12dB CrossoverManual
SC-804-Way, 12 dB CrossoverManual
SC-88Stereo, 4-Way, 12dB CrossoverManual
SC-773-Way, 18dB CrossoverManual
SC-77/18Stereo, 3-Way 18dB CrossoverManual
SC-80/184-Way, 18dB CrossoverManual
SC-88/18Stereo 4-Way 18 dB CrossoverManual
SC-33Stereo Noise GateData Sheet
SC-40Instrument PreampManual
SC-44Keyboard Input ProcessorManual
SC-50Peak Limiter CompressorManual
SC-55Stereo Peak Limiter CompressorManual
SC-63Mono Parametric EQManual
SC-66AStereo Parametric EQManual
SC-68Parametric Notch FilterManual
SG-33EDual, Channel Noise GateData Sheet
SG-35EFour, Channel Noise GateData Sheet
VCM-888-Channel Matrix Level ControllerManual
VCM-88C8-Channel Matrix ControllerData SheetManual
VCM-88E8-Channel Matrix Level ControllerData SheetManual
VCX-808-Channel VCA, LimiterManual
WR-5eMulti-Function Wall Remote, Euro versionManual
XR-22EStereo, 2-Way 12dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-70E3-Way, 12dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-77EStereo, 3-Way 12dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-80E4-Way, 12dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-88EStereo, 4-Way CrossoverData Sheet
XR-1000Stereo, 2-Way, Mono 3-way 24dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-2000Stereo, 3-Way, Mono 4/5-way 4Ch, 2-Way 24dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-20012×3-way, 1×4/5-way CrossoverManual
XR-40012×4-way, CrossoverManual
XR-3000Mono, 4-Way 24dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-4000Stereo, 4-Way 24dB CrossoverData Sheet
2.24GS2×2 Digital Graphic EQData SheetManual
2.24PS2×2 Digital Parametric EQData SheetManual
4.24G4×4 Digital Graphic EQData SheetManual
4.24GS4×4 Digital Graphic EQData SheetManual
4.24PS4×4 Digital Parametric EQData SheetManual
3.24CL3×6 Speaker ProcessorData SheetManual
4.24C4×8 Speaker ProcessorData SheetManual
4.24DDistribution ProcessorData SheetManual
24.24MMatrix ProcessorManual