Discontinued Products

Warranty and non-warranty service on all Ashly Products is performed at Ashly Audio, Inc. Technical Support office is open from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time from Monday – Friday; closed Holidays.

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ModelDescriptionData SheetManual
BP-41Bass PreamplifierData Sheet —
CFT-18002-Ch Power AmplifierData Sheet —
CG-85EGated Compressor/Limiter —Manual
CL-50EMono, Compressor LimiterData Sheet —
CL-52EDual, Compressor/LimiterData Sheet —
DLM-821Stereo, Ducking Line MixerData SheetManual
FET-200Stereo, Power Amplifier, 160W @ 4 Ohms —Manual
FET-500Stereo, Power Amplifier, 400W @ 4 Ohms —Manual
FET-1000 (M+C)Stereo, Power Amplifier, 160W @ 4 OhmsData Sheet —
FET-1500 (M+C)Stereo Power Amplifier, 275W @ 4 OhmsData Sheet
FET-2000 (M+C)Stereo, Power Amplifier, 400W @ 4 OhmsData Sheet
FTX-1000Stereo, Power Amplifier, 160W @ 4 OhmsManual
FTX-1001Stereo, Power Amplifier, Series IIIManual
FTX-1500Stereo, Power Amplifier, 275W @ 4 OhmsManual
FTX-1501Stereo, Power Amplifier, Series IIIManual
FTX-2000Stereo, Power Amplifier, 400W @ 4 OhmsManual
FTX-2001Stereo, Power Amplifier, Series IIIManual
GQ-215Dual, 15-Band 2/3 Graphic EQData Sheet
GQ-131Single, 31-Band 2/3 Graphic EQData Sheet
GQ-231Dual, 31-Band 1/3 Graphic EQData Sheet
MFA-60002x900W @ 2 Ohms Power AmplifierManual
MFA-80002x1500W @ 2 Ohms Power AmplifierManual
MQX-2310Graphic EQManual
MQX-1310Graphic EQManual
MQX-2150Graphic EQManual
ne42504-Ch, 250W Nework Amplifier (black version)Data SheetManual
ne82508-Ch, 250W Nework Amplifier (black version)Data SheetManual
ne8002x400W Network Amplifier (black version)Data SheetManual
ne16002x800W Network Amplifier (black version)Data SheetManual
ne24002x1600W Network Amplifier (black version)Data SheetManual
P70-40070V Power AmplifierData SheetManual
P70-80070V Power AmplifierData SheetManual
PE-12002x600W class ABManual
PE-18002x900W class HData SheetManual
PE-24002x1200W class HManual
PE-30002x1500W class HData SheetManual
PE-38002x1900W class HData SheetManual
PemaProtea-Equipped Media Amplifier (black version)Data SheetManual
PF-4400Multi-Channel Power AmpsManual
PF-6250Multi-Channel Power AmpsManual
PF-470Multi-Channel Power Amps 70VManual
PF-670Multi-Channel Power Amps 70VManual
PQ-16Mono, 6-Band Parametric EQData Sheet
PQ-26Stereo, 6-Band Parametric EQData Sheet
PQX-571Parametric EQData SheetManual
PQX-572Parametric EQData SheetManual
SC-202-Way, 12dB CrossoverManual
SC-222-Way, 12dB CrossoverManual
SC-703-Way, 12dB CrossoverManual
SC-77Stereo, 3-Way, 12dB CrossoverManual
SC-804-Way, 12 dB CrossoverManual
SC-88Stereo, 4-Way, 12dB CrossoverManual
SC-773-Way, 18dB CrossoverManual
SC-77/18Stereo, 3-Way 18dB CrossoverManual
SC-80/184-Way, 18dB CrossoverManual
SC-88/18Stereo 4-Way 18 dB CrossoverManual
SC-33Stereo Noise GateData Sheet
SC-40Instrument PreampManual
SC-44Keyboard Input ProcessorManual
SC-50Peak Limiter CompressorManual
SC-55Stereo Peak Limiter CompressorManual
SC-63Mono Parametric EQManual
SC-66AStereo Parametric EQManual
SC-68Parametric Notch FilterManual
SG-33EDual, Channel Noise GateData Sheet
SG-35EFour, Channel Noise GateData Sheet
VCM-888-Channel Matrix Level ControllerManual
VCM-88C8-Channel Matrix ControllerData SheetManual
VCM-88E8-Channel Matrix Level ControllerData SheetManual
VCX-808-Channel VCA, LimiterManual
WR-5eMulti-Function Wall Remote, Euro versionManual
XR-22EStereo, 2-Way 12dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-70E3-Way, 12dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-77EStereo, 3-Way 12dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-80E4-Way, 12dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-88EStereo, 4-Way CrossoverData Sheet
XR-1000Stereo, 2-Way, Mono 3-way 24dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-2000Stereo, 3-Way, Mono 4/5-way 4Ch, 2-Way 24dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-20012×3-way, 1×4/5-way CrossoverManual
XR-40012×4-way, CrossoverManual
XR-3000Mono, 4-Way 24dB CrossoverData Sheet
XR-4000Stereo, 4-Way 24dB CrossoverData Sheet
2.24GS2×2 Digital Graphic EQData SheetManual
2.24PS2×2 Digital Parametric EQData SheetManual
4.24G4×4 Digital Graphic EQData SheetManual
4.24GS4×4 Digital Graphic EQData SheetManual
4.24PS4×4 Digital Parametric EQData SheetManual
3.24CL3×6 Speaker ProcessorData SheetManual
4.24C4×8 Speaker ProcessorData SheetManual
4.24DDistribution ProcessorData SheetManual
24.24MMatrix ProcessorManual