IS Series Dual Impedance
Column Speakers

+ matching SP 12.1P 12-inch Subwoofer

Ashly’s advanced reinforcement column.







Power up to 32 IS columns from one 4-ch Ashly amp (4Ω mode)!
Churches • School Lecture • Halls • Conference Rooms • Hotels • Terminals

Avoid the complications, added cost and sound-degrading characteristics of the transformers typically used in others’ column speakers. IS Series’ 8/32-ohm selectable impedance allows easy reconfiguration for Performance Install (8 Ohms) or Distributed Audio (32 ohms) applications.

Running up to 64 column speakers from one amp with no transformers results in lower costs and better sound.

No transformers?

Transformers limit power handing, reduce performance through insertion loss and overdriving at lower frequencies. They are more complicated to install and can result in an unsightly add-on. And of course, they add to the cost of a job.

Thanks to IS Series’ 32-ohm impedance setting (and the 2-ohm capabilities of several of our amps), one amp can be “stretched” across an amazing number of IS’s for BGM or announcements.

Superior horizontal and vertical dispersion for excellent coverage.

With their linear array configuration, the IS Series delivers tight, controlled vertical dispersion with a long throw angle and ultra-wide horizontal dispersion. Consistent front-back and side-to-side coverage helps everyone hear the same thing, no matter their position. More listeners on the far left and right in a ballroom, church, municipal facility or wedding venue can hear the spoken word better. Live or DJ music in a restaurant or bar is more immersive and less directional. Every seat is the best seat in the house!

Custom DSP processing further improves IS Series performance.

IS Series speakers sound great right out of the box. But using them with Ashly amps and DSP makes their performance even more amazing!
Advanced DSP voice presets (available for free from the Ashly website) for both Protêa and AquaControl™ DSP-equipped amps provide sophisticated processing (PEQ, HPF/LPF, FIR filters, X-Over and Delay) to deliver optimal performance for a variety of venues by providing flat frequency response across the listening area without the need for complicated and time-consuming manual adjustments.

This makes IS speakers an integral part of a complete Ashly solution.

DSP: The “secret sauce” that sets IS apart from the competition.

IS’s unique driver array provides consistent side-to side coverage, with virtually no deviation in the critical vocal range, even in excess of 80 degrees off-axis.

There are three levels of DSP processing for IS Series speakers:
Level 1 applies the most advanced and precise DSP to Ashly speakers. Level 1 currently works with most Protêa-enabled products and includes multi-band PEQ, Universal X-Over filters, HPF/LPF, FIR filters and Delay (when used with the SP-12.1P subwoofer). This DSP level applies to the following Ashly Protêa-equipped amplifier and DSP processors: nXp, nep, pema & ne matrix processors (ne4400, 4800, etc…). Level 1 Speaker files will also be available to work for AquaControl™-enabled models, such as the mXa-1502. These will provide similar processing to that found in Protêa-based models.
Level 2 is designed to work exclusively for the ne24.24m matrix processor. It encompasses many of the same features as Level 1, except for FIR filters.
Level 3 is exclusively for the 3.6 & 4.8SP Speaker System Processors and includes more basic PEQ, HPF/LPF functions and Delay. No FIRs or Universal X-Over.

An integral part of the overall Ashly eco-system solution.

The world doesn’t need another brand of ordinary column speakers. That’s why we developed a line with unique features and performance. Now you can spec an all-Ashly system with quality speakers and subwoofer that make beautiful music or deliver clear speech with our amplifiers and processors that feature Protēa and AquaControl™…and of course a range of wall controllers.

One order.
One delivery.
One satisfied customer

Technical Details of Ashly IS Series Wall-Mount Speakers

Ashly IS speakers feature aluminum alloy chassis’ with detachable metal grilles, making them suitable for punishing portable applications as well as installs. Available in black or white, each SKU comes with surface mount “J” brackets. Joiners, tilt-swivel brackets, extension pole and tripod are available. Their sleek low-profile design will satisfy picky architects. IS’s are a perfect match with our SP12.1P 12” subwoofer.

Click below for complete specifications.

A highly capable 12-inch sub compliments the IS Series.

The SP 12.1P is a compact yet robust subwoofer for multiple low bass reinforment applications.
Take advantage of its pole receptacles to use it with Ashly IS column speakers. Snuggle it into a corner or under a cabinet to add extra octaves to Ashly AW wall-mount speakers in any BGM environment.

Features include
• Neutrik SpeakOn® input and thru jacks for daisy-chaining subwoofers
• Euroblock terminal input connections
• 350W power handling
• Recommended Ashly Amplifiers: Single-channel: nXp 400 or higher
• Bridged: nXp 400 or higher
• Pêma 4125, 4250, 8125, 8250 Braced, 12-ply Birch plywood enclosure
• Threaded pole mounts on top and side, plus recessed handles for easy transport
• Available in white or black

The IS Series are slim column array speakers designed to deliver high-quality speech and music in venues that require high intelligibility, low physical profile and wide, yet consistent coverage. Their durable all metal enclosures will withstand the rigors of portable use, as well as installation and an impedance switch (8Ω/32Ω) allows use for both 2/4 speaker or multiple speakers per channel (i.e.-distributed) configurations, without loading down the amplifier and without the need for transformers. Available in two configurations: IS-2.8P 2” x 8 Column & IS-3.8P 3” x 8 Column. Designed to provide optimum performance when used with Ashly’s Protea or AquaControl-based DSP. Two speakers may be stacked (using the optional plate) for additional throw where needed. Add the SP-12.1P 12” Subwoofer for a kicking low-frequency response. Flush wall brackets are supplied. Other mount options are also available. Available in Black or White

Optional mounts:
IS-TWMB Tilt Wall-Mount Bracket
IS-JP2B Joining Plate
IS-PM6B 6’ Pole Mount
IS-TR7B 7’ Tripod Stand

IS Series Model Power Handling Impedance Frequency response Transducers
IS 2.8P 120W @8Ω 8Ω / 32Ω 115 Hz to 20 kHz 8 x 2.0″ full range transducers with neodymium magnet
IS 3.8P 240W @ 8Ω 8Ω / 32Ω 105 Hz to 19 kHz 8 x 3.0″ full range trans- ducers with neodymium magnet
SP 12.1P 350W @ 8Ω 39 Hz to 180 kHz 12″ LF transducer ferrite magnet

IS_SP_AW_4-pg 4 Page Brochure

IS_Series_Manual Operation and Installation Manual

IS_DataSheet Data Sheet

SP_sub_DataSheet Data Sheet

IS-2.8 A&E Specifications

IS-3.8 A&E Specifications

SP-12.1P A&E Specifications

IS GLL Files GLL Files

IS_2.8P_Level_1_Voice_Presets Voice Presets

IS_3.8P_Level_1_Presets Voice Presets

SP-12.1P_Level_1_Voice_Presets Voice Presets

IS_2.8_Level_2_Voice_Presets Voice Presets

IS_3.8_Level_2_Voice_PresetsVoice Presets

SP12.1 _Level_2_Voice_Presets Voice Presets

IS_2.8P_Level_3_Voice_Presets Voice Presets

IS_3.8P_Level_3_Voice_Presets Voice Presets