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IS Series Dual-Impedance Column Speakers + SP Subwoofer

IS column speakers are a cost-effective way to provide precise vertical dispersion, and consistent sound levels front-to-back of a venue… especially when combined with Ashly amps and processors that incorporate Protēa or AquaControl™ software (see below).
They fit perfectly next to flat-screens in conference rooms. Combined with an SP 12.1P sub, you can create an ­effective ­”system on a stick” for churches, wedding receptions and corporate events.

Two IS speakers can be joined with an optional bracket. Pole and tripod mounts are also available.  Spec Sheets, A&E Specs, dxf and EASE files are available to download.

Ashly DSP is equipped to support voice files for the IS & AW Series speakers. These voice files are designed to optimize speaker performance by providing a wider, flatter frequency response across the coverage angle. While the IS & AW speakers may be used without DSP and will provide ample performance on their own, DSP is recommended in order to realize the best possible performance without needing to manually adjust for any speaker anomalies that might otherwise produce less than optimal results.

Please note that there are three levels of processing available for Ashly amps and processors:

Level 1:This applies the most advanced and precise DSP to Ashly speakers. Level 1 currently works with most Protea-enabled products and includes multi-band PEQ, Universal X-Over filters, HPF/LPF,  FIR filters and Delay (when used with the SP-12.1P subwoofer). This DSP level applies to the following Ashly Protea-equipped amplifier & DSP processors: nXp, nep, pema & ne matrix processors (ne4400, 4800, etc…). Level 1 Speaker voice files will also soon be available to work for AquaControl-enabled models, such as the mXa-1502. These will provide similar processing to that found in Protea-based models (TBA).

Level 2: This level is designed to work exclusively for the ne24.24m matrix processor. It encompasses many of the same features as Level 1, except for FIR filters and Universal X-Over , though it will provide basic X-Over function.

Level 3: This Level is exclusively for the 3.6 & 4.8SP Speaker System Processors and include more basic PEQ, HPF/LPF functions and Delay. No FIRs or Universal X-Over.

Please refer to the install instructions included with each download for how to import these files to you Ashly processor.

The IS Series are slim column array speakers designed to deliver high-quality speech and music in venues that require high intelligibility, low physical profile and wide, yet consistent coverage. Their durable all metal enclosures will withstand the rigors of portable use, as well as installation and an impedance switch (8Ω/32Ω) allows use for both 2/4 speaker or multiple speakers per channel (i.e.-distributed) configurations, without loading down the amplifier and without the need for transformers. Available in two configurations: IS-2.8P 2” x 8 Column & IS-3.8P 3” x 8 Column. Designed to provide optimum performance when used with Ashly’s Protea or AquaControl-based DSP. Two speakers may be stacked (using the optional plate) for additional throw where needed. Add the SP-12.1P 12” Subwoofer for a kicking low-frequency response. Flush wall brackets are supplied. Other mount options are also available. Available in Black or White

Optional mounts:
IS-TWMB Tilt Wall-Mount Bracket
IS-JP2B Joining Plate
IS-PM6B 6’ Pole Mount
IS-TR7B 7’ Tripod Stand

IS Series Model Power Handling Impedance Frequency response Transducers
IS 2.8P 120W @8Ω 8Ω / 32Ω 115 Hz to 20 kHz 8 x 2.0″ full range transducers with neodymium magnet
IS 3.8P 240W @ 8Ω 8Ω / 32Ω 105 Hz to 19 kHz 8 x 3.0″ full range trans- ducers with neodymium magnet
SP 12.1P 350W @ 8Ω 39 Hz to 180 kHz 12″ LF transducer ferrite magnet

IS_SP_AW_4-pg 4 Page Brochure

IS_Series_Manual Operation and Installation Manual

IS_DataSheet Data Sheet

SP_sub_DataSheet Data Sheet

IS-2.8 A&E Specifications

IS-3.8 A&E Specifications

SP-12.1P A&E Specifications

IS GLL Files GLL Files

IS_2.8P_Level_1_Voice_Presets Voice Presets

IS_3.8P_Level_1_Presets Voice Presets

SP-12.1P_Level_1_Voice_Presets Voice Presets

IS_2.8_Level_2_Voice_Presets Voice Presets

IS_3.8_Level_2_Voice_PresetsVoice Presets

SP12.1 _Level_2_Voice_Presets Voice Presets

IS_2.8P_Level_3_Voice_Presets Voice Presets

IS_3.8P_Level_3_Voice_Presets Voice Presets