Firmware Updates

It is important to review the firmware revision history for the product you wish to update to determine whether or not the update will add value to your installation. Although a firmware update is typically a routine procedure, there is a level of risk which in worst cases can accidentally cripple the Ashly device.

Please review those risks as explained in detail here.

We also recommend a FULL backup of the device be made prior to applying any Firmware update.

Please follow the procedure documented here.

nX{ep} 2, 4-Ch Amplifiers (1U) 1502/4, 752/41.406-05-17nX_1u_14.binTXTPDF
nX{ep} 2, 4-Ch Amplifiers (2U) * 3.02/04, 1.52/54, 8002/04, 4002/042.806-05-17nX_2u_28.binTXTPDF
PEMA 4, 8-Ch Amplifiers4250, 8250, 4125, 81253.201-10-17PEMA_32.binTXTPDF
ne 2-Ch Amplifiers800, 1600, 24002.805-17-17NE-2Chan_28.binTXTPDF
ne 4, 8-Ch Amplifiers4250, 82504.001-27-17NE-Multi_40.binTXTPDF
ne Processors4400, 4800, 88003.101-27-17NEXX00_31.binTXTPDF
Matrix Processorne24.24M3.102-24-14ne2424M_31.binTXTPDF
Serial Wall RemoteWR-52.304-09-09WR5_23.binTXTPDF
PE Amps (DSP1 / DSP2 Module)800, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000, 38002.505-08-08peampdsp_25.binPDF
PE Amps (CobraNet PNE-C2 Module)800, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000, 38001.305-08-08peampcobra_13.binPDF
Matrix Processor24.24M2.802-12-092424M_28.binTXTPDF
  • * If you are upgrading an NX amplifier from version 1.8 or earlier, please perform the backup/restore procedure first.


Other Products

Fulcrum Acoustic ProcessorTQP-483.008-26-15TQP48_30.binTXT PDF