Firmware Updates

Important Note: We recommend a FULL backup of the device be made prior to applying any Firmware update.
Please follow the procedure documented here.

nX{ep} 2, 4-Ch Amplifiers1502/4, 752/4 (1u)1.311-04-16nX_1u_13.binTXTPDF
nX{ep} 2, 4-Ch Amplifiers *3.02/04, 1.52/54, 8002/04, 4002/04 (2u)2.710-31-16nX_2u_27.binTXTPDF
PEMA 4, 8-Ch Amplifiers4250, 8250, 4125, 81253.201-10-17PEMA_32.binTXTPDF
ne 2-Ch Amplifiers800, 1600, 24002.709-26-15NE-2Chan_27.binTXTPDF
ne 4, 8-Ch Amplifiers4250, 82504.001-27-17NE-Multi_40.binTXTPDF
ne Processors4400, 4800, 88003.101-27-17NEXX00_31.binTXTPDF
Matrix Processorne24.24M3.102-24-14ne2424M_31.binTXTPDF
Network Fader RemotesFR-8, FR-161.309-25-14FR_13.binTXTPDF
Network Wall RemoteneWR-51.304-20-15neWR5_13.binTXTPDF
Serial Wall RemoteWR-52.304-09-09WR5_23.binTXTPDF
PE Amps (DSP1 / DSP2 Module)800, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000, 38002.505-08-08peampdsp_25.binPDF
PE Amps (CobraNet PNE-C2 Module)800, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000, 38001.305-08-08peampcobra_13.binPDF
Matrix Processor24.24M2.802-12-092424M_28.binTXTPDF
  • * If you are upgrading an NX amplifier from version 1.8 or earlier, please perform the backup/restore procedure first.


Other Products

Fulcrum Acoustic ProcessorTQP-483.008-26-15TQP48_30.binTXT PDF