Ashly puts staff in control at Wakasugi Nursery School

Wakasugi Nursery SchoolMorimoto Naniwa Sound Projects Co Ltd has recently designed a number of professional sound systems for schools – the latest of which has been installed at Wakasugi Nursery School in Nichinan-City, Miyazaki Prefecture.

Catering to the school’s requirement for an audio system that would give ‘great sound’ while being easy for staff to operate, Masaki Morimoto, co-owner of Morimoto Naniwa Sound Projects, specified an Ashly Audio ne24.24M processor with an Ashly FR-16 remote fader controller for adjusting input and output levels, along with Ashly’s iPad control for scene selection.

The new system at Wakasugi Nursery School is principally for a recital area capable of seating 200 people, but it also covers classrooms and common areas. Zenzo Akado, an architect with experience of catering for early education facilities, designed the new building and Yamagiwa Design Company installed the system specified by Morimoto. ‘Parents are paying attention, and a nursery school with more professional facilities – including its recital area – can attract more students,’ explained Mr Morimoto.

‘The school asked for a system that would have great musical sound and intelligibility, and yet would be very simple for the non-technical staff to operate. Ashly Audio’s processors are very high quality but cost-effective, and Ashly’s remote fader banks are intuitive even for audio novices. Moreover, Ashly’s iPad Remote is very appealing and easy to use.’

The system is fed from two wireless microphones, two wired mics and a CD player with an auxiliary input. The Ashly ne24.24M processor has been configured for eight inputs and 12 outputs, handling all of the input conditioning, routing logic, delays and speaker processing. The ne24.24M processor also provides a recording output so that staff can make recordings of performances for parents and promotional materials.

Ashly-Remote-iPad-WakasugiZones include the recital hall, the lobby, the entrance and each of several classrooms, which are covered by loudspeakers from On Point Audio and One Systems. These are joined in the recital room by custom SSL0920A developed by Morimoto Naniwa Sound Projects. All the cabinets are powered by Electro-Voice CPS amplifiers.

End-user control was a key component of the project, and Morimoto specified an Ashly FR-16 fader remote, which provides individual input and output volumes via 16 faders and mutes that Morimoto custom configured. Additionally, Ashly’s iPad remote app reportedly allows staff to reconfigure the entire system based on several pre-programmed ‘scenes’ to match the school’s different events.