KLR Delivers Serious Power to Midtown Manhattan Pub

Tir Na Nog is a supernatural realm of everlasting youth and beauty in Irish mythology – AND a killer Irish pub in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

Tir Na Nog recently opened a second location across from Madison Square Garden (the pub, not the supernatural realm), and NYC’s Starview Satellite provided it with a first-rate sound system for games, background music, and video DJ sets as part of a complete renovation. Integral to the design are two Ashly KLR-4000 amplifiers and four Ashly KLR-2000 amplifiers, which give Tir Na Nog the kick it requires – and on a tight budget.

“Starview came to a point early in the process of designing Tir Na Nog’s system where the budget constraints threatened to compromise the integrity of the design,” explained Rich Trombitas, regional sales & product manager with A/V manufacturers rep firm Cardone, Solomon & Associates (CS&A). “They really couldn’t cut the speakers, but Ashly’s KLR Series amplifiers did the trick.”

“KLR deliver excellent sound quality” said Trombitas. Several contractors we work with have shot them out against much more expensive lines and come away deeply impressed.”

The sound quality at Tir Na Nog had to be capable of greater output and fidelity than most Irish pubs require. “Sure, it had to get louder than the patrons, which is sometimes a trick in itself, but at Tir Na Nog, it was more than that,” Trombitas said. “It needed high-dynamic range capable of dealing with aggressive DJ music, on top of articulation for sporting events and music for day-to-day operations.”

The two-story pub contains five separate zones: the main first-floor bar, the smaller whiskey bar at the back of the first floor, the front entry, the upstairs dining area, and the upstairs balcony. Inputs include source audio for any of the pub’s fourteen screens, which derive their inputs from either cable or satellite service providers. The satellite also provides music stations, and an iPod input behind the bar gives staff the ability to play music from their own devices. Finally, the video DJ has two input stations that include HDMI video and balanced stereo audio: one on the second floor balcony and one between the main bar and the whiskey bar.

Two dual-channel Ashly KLR-4000 amplifiers deliver 2000W per channel, and four dual-channel Ashly KLR-2000 amplifiers deliver 1000W per channel, giving Tir Na Nog a dozen high-powered amplifier channels for a sizable collection of Renkus-Heinz and Innovox low-Z loudspeakers and subwoofers.

Renkus-Heinz TRX-82 loudspeakers in both 60×90 and 60×120 configurations cover the main bar zone, supported from below by Renkus-Heinz BPS12-2 bandpass subwoofers tucked below the stairs that lead to the second floor. The remaining zones use smaller Renkus-Heinz TRX-41 and TRX-61 coaxial loudspeakers and Innovox Micro-Sub 2×6 subwoofers. A Symetrix Radius EX processor conditions the system and provides user control via two Symetrix ARC-3 remote controllers.